A Guide to Visiting the Rhine Falls, Switzerland

If you are planning to visit Rhine Falls during your Switzerland holiday, then this is the perfect guide for you.  It covers everything you need to know about visiting the Rhine Falls, the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe.

Where is Rhine Falls?

The Rhine Falls are located on the border between Schaffhausen and Zürich in northern Switzerland, approximately 25 kilometres south of the German border.

There are several options including car, train or by joining a day trip. Driving there is easy, with a parking lot on each side of the river and you can easily walk to the falls from either of the Rhine Falls train stations.

how to get there

boat cruise

One of the best ways to experience the falls is via a boat ride. There are many to choose from, including  Rock tour: the cruise takes you from the northern bank to Rheinfallfelsen which is a rock in the centre of the falls with  360° panoramic views.

Viewing platforms are another way to experience Rhine Falls and there are some that don’t require you to take a boat trip, built on both sides of the falls and reach out reasonably close to the water.

viewing platforms

Rhine Falls Tour Options

If you’re staying in Zurich, there are a range of great Zurich Rhine Falls tour options, such as a half-day tour from Zurich including Stein am Rhein and a day tour to Rhine Falls and Zurich City with Cogwheel Train Ride.

While many people come to simply view the falls, there are many other activities such as hiking, canoe tours, Rhine in Flames, the falls at night and much more! So are you ready to plan your visit to Rhine Falls?

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