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Let’s face it – Switzerland is not one of the cheapest countries to visit. That’s why purchasing a rail pass can be a smart financial move - but which Swiss rail pass should you buy?

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• Swiss Travel Pass • Regional-Pass Berner Oberland • Jungfrau Travel Pass • Tell Pass • Swiss Half Fare Card • Eurail Global Pass

Your itinerary Make a list of all the 'must-see-and-do' destinations. Then add nice to see and do’ excursions. Now, mark them on a map. If they are scattered all over then you need a pass that covers all of Switzerland, not a regional pass.

Step-by-step guide


Step-by-step guide


ELIMINATION If you're spending the majority of your time in one location, then consider a regional pass – eg. the Tell Pass for Lucerne region or the Jungfrau Travel Pass, for the Jungfrau region. Some passes are also seasonal.

Step-by-step guide


what you need to cover Now that you've eliminated passes, reconfirm exactly what you need.

• Swiss Travel Pass - best for train travel throughout the country • Tell Pass – best for mountain excursions in Lake Lucerne region

Step-by-step guide


compare prices After comparing one or two rail passes against the cost of purchasing individual tickets, you should now know which is the best Swiss rail pass to purchase for your trip.

Find the fares for intercity journeys on the Swiss Federal Railways website or on the SBB app. To look up the fares of each of the mountain excursions, you can visit the website of each mountain.

Swiss Travel Pass Switzerland’s All-in-One Transport Pass

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