Things to do in Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen is a charming destination in north-eastern Switzerland, located on the banks of the mighty Rhine. Things to do include discovering Munot fortress or the All Saints Monastery, exploring the Old Town and seeing the spectacular Rhine Falls area.

Medieval Old Town

The Old Town (Altstadt Schaffhausen) should be top of your list. It's rich in Gothic and Baroque architecture and as well as the oriel windows, other highlights include intricate merchant’s homes and pastel painted buildings.

Visitors cannot possibly miss Munot castle! The fortress can be seen from many miles away, and also offers sweeping views over the surrounding landscape. It's circular in shape and was built during the 16th century.

Munot Castle

Boat trip to Stein am Rhein

This scenic journey by water takes visitors through the picturesque Upper Rhine region, and allows you to experience local culture, flora, fauna and food. 

This beautiful town sits close to where the Rhine and Lake Constance meet. It has an ancient fortress – Hohenklingen Castle – dating from the early 13th century, a medieval monastery, as well as an incredibly picturesque town centre.

Visit Stein am Rhein

Rhine Falls

As Europe’s biggest waterfall, Rhine Falls are an impressive sight. To visit the falls is not just to witness the spectacle of the waters tumbling down, but also to feel the vibrations of this force of nature and hear the crashing yet soothing sound.

Whether you delve deeper into horological history, marvel at a miniature village, cruise the river or take a thrilling ride over the Rhine Falls, there is lots to discover in this most northerly part of Switzerland.

A Guide to Visiting the Rhine Falls, Switzerland

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