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Episode 69: How to choose the best Swiss rail pass for your trip

April 5, 2023 Last Updated on April 25, 2024

Switzerland is such an easy country to travel around by public transport and for many visitors, exploring the country by train is one of the highlights of their trip. The integrated timetables of trains, buses, boats and mountain railway make getting around the country simple.

But what’s not so simple is knowing whether or not it’s best to buy a Swiss rail pass and if so, which one they should buy.

This is by far the most frequently asked question in the Switzerland Travel Planning Facebook group and it is also a question that my friend and fellow podcaster, Amanda Kendle, asked me recently.

Amanda is planning a trip to Switzerland to visit relatives, and as an avid lover of train travel, she is keen to see the country by rail.  Just like many other travellers, though, she is finding it difficult navigating her way through the various rail pass options and knowing which one to buy.

When Amanda asked me to help her choose the right rail pass, I was more than happy to help.  So this episode is one with a twist – Amanda is asking me the questions, rather than the other way around!

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The six most popular Swiss rail passes for tourists
  • My 4 steps to determining which rail pass is best for your trip
  • Where to find prices for individual train rides and mountain excursions
  • Where to buy the various Swiss rail passes
  • How to use your Swiss rail pass
  • A Swiss Travel Pass promotion for Spring 2023
  • Our new digital Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator

Our Guest

Amanda Kendle
Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle is the author of the travel blog where she writes about her travel experiences in a fun and meaningful way. She also hosts The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, sharing the memorable travel moments of fellow travel addicts in each episode.

Further information about topics discussed in this episode

You can read an overview of each of the six different rail passes in our article How to choose the best Swiss rail pass for your trip where you’ll also find links to detailed guides about each pass. For information about activating the Swiss Travel Pass Flex, see this article, and all our Swiss train travel articles can be found here.

To take advantage of free travel days with the Swiss Travel Pass promotion (available for sale from 15 April to 13 May, 2023), click here to buy.

If you’re keen to know more about our digital Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator, you can find all the information here.

Connect with Amanda on her website and on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast.

Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator

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