Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator

Choosing the BEST rail pass for your trip to Switzerland can be overwhelming. Not only can it be confusing, it is also very time consuming.

To save you hours of time online looking up prices for every individual train ride and mountain excursion you’d like to include in your itinerary, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Don’t buy the wrong Swiss train pass! Get our Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator and simply and confidently choose the best Swiss rail pass for your trip.

Our online rail pass comparison calculator has the prices for over 130 popular rail trips in Switzerland pre-loaded.

You simply have to select the trips you’d like to take from the dropdown list and the calculator will show you the total cost of your itinerary based on the different rail pass options you have selected.

The calculator makes it quick and easy to see which Swiss rail pass offers the best value for your trip.

But you get more than just the calculator.

The accompanying workbook includes our 4-step process for choosing the best rail pass, printable planning sheets for you to record your ideal itinerary, printable price lists of all the pre-loaded rail journeys and the various rail passes (should you prefer to calculate your trip cost manually), maps showing the area covered by each pass, and more.


Don’t waste your hard earned money buying the wrong rail pass. Get our handy online calculator and confidently choose the right Swiss rail pass for your trip.


Which Swiss rail passes are covered?

The calculator includes prices for the Swiss Travel Pass (consecutive and flex versions), Swiss Half Fare Card, Berner Oberland Pass, Jungfrau Travel Pass, Tell Pass, Eurail Global Pass and Peak Pass (for Zermatt).

The accompanying workbook includes information about each of these passes and their validity dates, inclusions of each pass, and maps showing the area they cover.

What’s included?

  • Instruction guide with link to online calculator (PDF)
  • Workbook containing useful printable planning sheets, information about the various rail passes, price list for most popular rail journeys and mountain excursions, sample itineraries, general information about travelling by train in Switzerland (PDF)
  • Online calculator with pre-loaded prices for 100+ rail journeys, 30+ mountain excursions and 6 different rail passes (available as a Google Sheet, a Google account is required to access the calculator)
  • Video demonstrating how to use the online calculator


What Our Customers Say About the Calculator

“I started to try and do a spreadsheet by myself and spent hours and really didn’t get anywhere.  This saves SO much time and frustration! I would highly recommend the rail pass comparison calculator to anyone who is visiting Switzerland.” Rachel Forrester, NZ

“The Switzerland Rail Pass calculator made my trip planning so much easier. I was stressed for weeks while planning my Switzerland Summer trip as I could not figure out what rail pass would save me the most money and be beneficial. I will be doing a two week trip covering many parts of the country with tons of cable cars, trains and boats. What would have taken hours to figure out the individual fares only took me 10 minutes with the calculator. Not only did this save me tons of time and frustration I ended up realizing that the Swiss Half Fare Card would save me the most money while I was originally planning on buying the Swiss Travel Pass. Additionally the calculator is easy to navigate and includes step by step instructions if needed.  I highly recommend this very helpful tool for planning your Switzerland vacation.”
Josh Filauri, USA

“The online calculator is outstanding!  Having the prices pre-loaded into the calculator saves a lot of time and makes choosing the best rail pass so much easier.” Doug Collins, Australia

“The Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator has been an amazing tool.  It is extremely easy to use and has been such a time-saver because everything is pre-loaded with the prices.  We are going to several different regions in Switzerland, taking trains, mountain excursions, boats and visiting museums.  For this reason, I decided on the Swiss Travel Pass because of its ease of use and the broad coverage it provides.  Thank you again, Carolyn, for putting such an amazing tool together for all of us.” Karen Balcerzak, USA

“The calculator has been so helpful! I was set on buying the Swiss Travel Pass for our upcoming trip, but using your calculator I found out that the half fare pass would cost us approximately $150CAD less! I am not very tech savvy but found this calculator surprisingly easy to use.” Liz Laughton, Canada

“My husband and I traveled to Switzerland in the last 2 weeks of August. I had been planning our trip for many months, and wanted to make the best decision regarding travel passes. 

I had already made detailed notes on things we wanted to see and places to visit, but I still felt like I didn’t have a handle on which travel pass would work best for us. I decided to purchase your travel calculator and it was extremely helpful! I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling to Switzerland and using public transportation. 

Not only did it help me make a great decision about which pass to buy (Swiss Half Fare Pass), but it also helped me identify activities and excursions to include on our trip. 

We had a fabulous trip and will definitely go again. Once we made the decision based on your tool, a weight was lifted and we were free to just enjoy the ride, so to speak, without worrying if we were getting a good deal or paying too much. 

I also did a cost analysis after our trip that confirmed the half fare pass was definitely the correct choice for us. Thank you for creating this great tool!” – Kristi Romuald, USA

“I have planned MANY trips for my husband and I and family, including a cross country driving trip from Oregon to Niagara Falls in CANADA and back via the USA trip.  This Switzerland trip has me wound up in knots.  It’s by far the most intimidating trip I have EVER attempted to plan.  Your software definitely helped me to figure out that really, I just need the Swiss Travel Pass.  Yay.” – Laura Roast, Oregon, USA

Hi Carolyn, We love the calculator it has made our planning so much easier & wish we had of found it earlier, it would have saved a lot of time in searching for the right passes. We have decided on the Berner Oberland Pass & the Half Fare Card. – Robyn Watts, Australia



How can I access the Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator?

Immediately after purchase you will receive an email containing the link to download the Instruction Guide and Workbook as PDFs. A link to access the Rail Pass Comparison calculator (Google Sheet) and the video tutorial can be found inside the Instruction Guide.

Can I find the best rail pass for my trip without the comparison calculator?

Yes, however you will need to invest a considerable amount of time and effort to research the prices for each individual trip that makes up your itinerary, and look up the discounts available for each trip with each of the different rail passes.

What rail passes are covered in the Switzerland Rail Pass Comparison Calculator?

The rail pass comparison calculator includes prices for the Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Half Fare Card, Berner Oberland Pass, Jungfrau Travel Pass, Tell Pass, Eurail Global Pass and Peak Pass (Zermatt).

Do I need a Google account to access the rail pass comparison calculator?

Yes. The rail pass comparison calculator has pre-loaded fares for rail journeys, mountain excursions and rail passes added to a Google Sheet. In order to use the comparison calculator to its full capacity, you need to be able to open a Google Sheet via a Google account.

Are there any manual calculations required?

Whilst the calculator has pre-loaded fares for more than 100 of the most popular train journeys and more than 30 mountain excursions in Switzerland, it is impossible for us to include every single route. You may need to manually check and add some fares to the grand totals shown in the Calculator if you are travelling on routes that are not pre-loaded.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital product we don’t accept returns or exchanges. Please contact us via email should there be any problems with your order.

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