Photo of the city of Thun in Switzerland with its castle

7 reasons to book a private tour in Switzerland

December 20, 2022 Last Updated on April 11, 2024

If you’re heading to Switzerland for that bucket-list trip of a lifetime, then it’s well worth considering whether or not to book any private tours in Switzerland. 

There are seven key reasons why taking private escorted tours of Switzerland are the best way to use your time. 

This article will delve deep into the subject, so you can decide if having your own private tour guide in Switzerland might enhance your experience of this incredible country. 

So why should you think about booking Swiss private tours rather than doing it yourself or joining a larger group? Some of the main benefits are that a personal tour of this type is more relaxing, more flexible and can also be more accessible. 

When you book a private tour, you can also tailor make your own itinerary for a day trip or longer period of time. You can also benefit from the local knowledge of your personal tour guide – and you have their complete and undivided attention for the entire duration. 

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Read on to discover seven reasons why booking a private tour in Switzerland might be perfect for you. First, though, let’s outline what we mean by a private tour. 

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What is a private tour in Switzerland?

Scenic view of mountains and fog in Switzerland
With a tailor made itinerary you can choose to visit the popular tourist sites in Switzerland or more off-the-grid destinations – or a combination of both. It’s totally up to you.

Before moving on to explore the seven reasons in more detail, let’s briefly summarise what a private tour entails. 

As with a group tour, the idea is to show travellers the best that Switzerland has to offer. The difference is that a private tour is hosted by a private driver guide in a private vehicle. 

Private tour companies like Swiss Epic Tours accommodate all sorts of visitors, from honeymooners or families to elderly people who might need some help in getting around the country. 

A good private tour company will be very happy to accommodate your requirements, as that’s exactly what they are there for.

Why you should book a private tour in Switzerland

1. A private tour is more relaxing

Taking a vacation is almost always fun – but it can also be a stressful business at times.

When you take private car tours in Switzerland, there’s no need to worry about driving, navigation or train timetables. Instead, you can simply sit back and unwind while your experienced driver guide shows you the sights. 

As well as seeing the best of Switzerland with its incredible scenery, your bespoke tour is tailor made to suit you. There’s no need even to consider your luggage, as it’s all taken care of on your behalf. 

Travellers book private tours because they want to make the most of every moment without worrying about carrying their luggage, catching the train at the right time and from the correct platform, and so on. 

Let someone else do all the planning

For you, a relaxing vacation might be more about taking the overwhelm out of planning your trip. If you have no time to spend on researching and planning your trip, then a private tour is ideal. 

All the information available online isn’t necessarily helpful when it only leads to you becoming overwhelmed or even more confused. 

Private tour companies also come into their own when you want someone to guide you regarding what you can see and do in Switzerland within your specific timeframe. 

If you’re not sure what’s not to be missed and what you could skip, then your itinerary can be tailored accordingly by a local expert. 

Chapel Bridge Lucerne in summer
Lucerne is just one of many popular destinations for a private day tour in Switzerland.

2. Private tours are far more flexible

Whether you’re looking into Zurich private tours, want to take a trip to the Bernese Oberland or have always dreamed of visiting musical Montreux, a private tour means doing things your way. 

Travel any day you like

When you book a private tour, you can travel any day you want, and book a trip that’s precisely as long or as short as you want it to be. 

Pick up from the airport, station or your hotel

Private tours can also start from anywhere in Switzerland, so pick-up from any hotel, airport or train station can be arranged. You can also be dropped off, at the end of the tour, wherever you like. 

Your tour will begin when your driver guide collects you from wherever you are, at a time that suits you. 

If you’ve just arrived in Switzerland from Milan or Munich, for example, then perhaps it will be most convenient to begin at the train station. If you’ve flown in from overseas, your private driver guide can meet you at the airport.

Once your guide has greeted you, they can then provide private hotel transfers, and follow an itinerary that suits your timings and interests. 

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer nature, culture, history or food and wine – or even if you want to experience a little of everything.

Choose your own start time

A private tour can start when you want it to and stop whenever and wherever you like. Early risers are free to begin at 7am if they wish, for example, while others might prefer to set off at 11am. 

As the private driver and vehicle are only for you and your group, you can do whatever you please.  

Many private tour companies can collect clients from any Swiss destination. Most clients tend to begin their tours in places like Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken or Geneva, but all areas are covered. 

View of Lake Lungern Switzerland
On a private tour, you have the flexibility to make photo stops wherever you choose. Who wouldn’t want to stop and take a photo of beautiful Lake Lungern whilst travelling over the Brunig Pass?

Flexibility also means:

Adaptable itineraries to suit you 

Even if it’s at the last moment, your private tour itinerary can be altered on the day of travel to accommodate bad weather, or even if you simply feel like doing something different. 

The same applies if you want to stop en route because you’ve spotted something of interest. Without having to accommodate 40 people on a large bus, your driver guide can help to make your stay in Switzerland as unforgettable an experience as possible.

As many spontaneous photo stops as you like

With a private tour, you always have the ability to stop and take photos – whenever and wherever you like. Your driver guide is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to scenic photo spots and will be happy to point them out.

Whether you’re travelling along the Brunig Pass and want to take in the view over Lungernsee, or are skimming the shores of Lake of Brienz, your guide knows exactly where to stop to get the most iconic images. 

3. Private tours give you more accessibility

Giessbach Falls on Lake Brienz Switzerland
Private tours offer accessibility to reach more out-of-the-way places such as waterfalls (like Giessbach Falls, pictured) and small farm shops.

When we talk about accessibility, we mean it in two senses. Private tours are more accessible to those with mobility issues, and they also allow you to access places that are off the beaten tourist track. 

From a practicality point of view, smaller vehicles are much more manoeuvrable than large coaches. You can reach more out of the way places, whether that’s a wonderful waterfall you want to see or a local producer whose reputation precedes them. 

If you do have mobility issues, the ’door-to-door’ service offered by a private tour is perfect. 

While Swiss trains are clean, efficient and fast, they cannot get you to the more off-the-grid places. Travelling by private car means you can get more out of each day, stopping wherever you like en route.  

Visiting a local farm shop, for example, may allow you to see how the locals make their organic dairy products. Stops like this can be implemented spontaneously when you are taking a private tour. 

4. Benefit from the local knowledge of a fully licensed guide

With a company such as Swiss Epic Tours, their driver guides are all fully licensed. This means they have been trained in tourism and prepared by the company. 

Guides are also multilingual, and languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and even Mandarin are covered, as well as English.

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5. Modern vehicles in a selection of sizes

Mercedes V Class interior
Modern and comfortable vehicles in a range of sizes are available for your private tour in Switzerland.

Many private tour companies offer a range of vehicle sizes to suit everyone. 

If you need child seats for the younger members of your travelling group, these can be supplied (and are free of charge for kids under 12 when you book with Swiss Epic Tours). 

Even a WiFi connection can be provided upon request.

Swiss Epic Tours currently have a fleet of Mercedes vehicles. These include the Mercedes GL, an SUV that’s ideal for a couple traveling. There are also Mercedes V Classes suitable for five to six passengers, and minibuses that can seat up to 19 people.  

These spacious cars and minibuses normally have enough space for all the baggage, but if not a luggage trailer can be added. 

Bottled water is also supplied free of charge, and the company can provide anything from a newspaper to a bottle of champagne upon request.

Fondue lunch at an alpine resort in Switzerland
Like to book a special dining experience? No problem. A private tour can include special experiences suited to your interests.

6. Tailor made itineraries for one or multiple day tours

There are no standard ‘cookie cutter’ itineraries when you book a private tour yet you can still see all the top sights. The difference is that you can also include some places that are off the grid, or are of particular interest to you.

If you want to include a special experience – such as a hot air balloon ride or a private fine dining experience in a panoramic elevator or castle, then this can be arranged. 

Each tour is designed exactly to fit the client’s requirements perfectly.  

For example, you can include top sights like Jungfraujoch and see somewhere ‘lesser known’ as well. 

Or you could opt for a ‘scenic’-themed tour such as the Bernese Oberland, which may include the Swiss Alps, local villages, the Aare Gorge, waterfalls and Lake Brienz. 

Panoramic Swiss trains can also be included, as well as towns like Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. 

Whatever you want to see while in Switzerland, your tour can be designed accordingly. 

Burgenstock in Switzerland

The tour company can also suggest lesser known, yet magical experiences such as the Burgenstock Hammetschwand glass lift or the Sulwald cable car. 

The Sulwald cable car seats up to eight people, and at the summit there are incredible views over Monch, Jungfrau. At the top there’s also a small mountain restaurant with a terrace, where you can sample authentic Swiss specialities. 

This is a good example of a spot that’s off the tourist track, and normally only frequented by locals. 

While everyone wants to visit the Bernese Oberland, a private tour allows you to stay away from the tourist crowds. 

Or you can incorporate one of the scenic Swiss train rides, such as the Glacier Express or the Golden Line. When doing this, your driver guide will pick you up, take you to the train station, give you your ticket, explain how it all works and take care of your luggage.

The licenced driver guide will also ask guests if they have any additional interests that can be accommodated. They can also come up with some suggestions, or switch the planned route around to suit you. 

For instance if you’ve just arrived in the country and are jet-lagged, things can be taken at a much lower pace.

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Private multi-day tours with or without accommodation

Because customised itineraries are a key aspect of private tours, you have absolute flexibility when it comes to accommodation, too.

Multi-day tailor made itineraries allow you to set your own pace, seeing the places that interest you in the time frame that you have available. 

They can also be booked with or without accommodation and meals, or in fact as any combination you like. 

As mentioned above, these tours can also include special Swiss experiences such as a panoramic train ride or a once-in-a-lifetime meal. 

If you’ve already booked your accommodation, then the tour can be worked around that and will include transfers between the hotel and airport. You could, for example, begin a one day tour in Zurich, with some sightseeing en route, before ending up in Lucerne.

Alternatively, you can allow the tour company to take care of everything from the moment you arrive at the airport until your departure. This means you don’t need to arrange accommodation, meals, transport or tours – or any special experiences you want to enjoy. 

For example, an eight or ten tour might begin in Zurich, including the Lindt Home of Chocolate factory, before visiting Lucerne plus Mount Rigi, Stanserhorn, Pilatus or a snow-capped Mount Titlis. 

Next it might be on to the Interlaken area, the Bernese Oberland, Montreux, Lake Geneva, Gruyere, Zermatt or St Moritz. 

Other options guests might like to include are Chur, Switzerland’s oldest town, “Heidi land” or Appenzell to sample the famous cheese and see how it’s made. 

Some people want to see the Swiss capital of Bern, include Basel because they are art or museum lovers, or visit Ticino which is an Italian speaking region.

There really is something for everyone. If it’s hard to choose, the tour company can suggest a suitable first time itinerary.

GoldenPass Express
Rides on Switzerland’s premium panoramic trains, like the GoldenPass Express, can be included in a private tour. Image courtesy MOB.

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FAQs about Private Tours in Switzerland

Who are private tours best suited to?

Private tours are suitable for solo travellers, couples, families or groups. Most travellers are those who’d like to see and do everything at their own pace, or who want to visit places that are off the main tourist trail.

Private tours are also suitable for guests who have no idea where to start, and also those who have no time to prepare for and plan their trip. 

Are private tours in Switzerland available all year round?

Yes. Some seasonal activities, experiences and sites may not be open, there are always alternatives. Early spring and summer are always popular, but autumn/fall is also ideal for sightseeing and hiking. 

In the colder months and until early spring there are winter sports, the Christmas markets,  and snow activities. Switzerland is a year-round destination, and tours take place during all four seasons. 

How much do private tours of Switzerland cost?

Prices are generally charged on a per vehicle basis. Therefore the more people travelling together, the lower the price for each guest. Accommodation is on a per room basis. 

As each tour is designed to suit the client’s interests and budget, prices vary depending on the itinerary and inclusions. Private tours can in fact be very cost effective when a group of friends or family are travelling together.

To give you a general idea, full day pre-designed private tours start from around CHF 350 per person. This is based on four people travelling together.

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7 reasons to book a private tour in Switzerland | Final thoughts

View over Lake Lucerne from Pilatus Kulm
From city sightseeing to mountain excursions and everything in between, a private tour of Switzerland is the perfect way to enjoy a hassle-free day trip or a multi-day adventure.

If you haven’t time to plan a Swiss itinerary and make all the necessary bookings, then a private tour might be perfect for you. The same applies if you’d appreciate more flexibility, or want to visit less touristy spots. 

With a private tour you can sit back and relax while someone else takes care of the driving, planning, navigation and luggage. 

A tailor made itinerary can be created just for you, and you benefit from the knowledge of a qualified tour guide throughout. 

Swiss private tours are also more affordable than you might think, as they are generally charged per vehicle. You can include accommodation on a per room basis, or book your own if you prefer. 

If you like the sound of taking private tours in Switzerland and are ready to discuss your tailor made itinerary with Swiss Epic Tours, you can contact them here or send an email.

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