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Best apps to download for travel in Switzerland

January 26, 2024 Last Updated on February 7, 2024

Heading to Switzerland? There are lots of apps you can download to your mobile phone to help make your Switzerland trip stress-free.

Below you’ll find a list of the best apps for Switzerland travel including apps for transport, communication, sightseeing, accommodation, dining and more. 

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Essential apps for your Swiss vacation

Transport apps

SBB Mobile

Swiss Railways app

The official app from Swiss Federal Railways is a quick and simple way of checking out live train times while in Switzerland.

What’s more, with just a couple of taps, you can buy e-tickets and day passes for pretty much any train service in the country, whether it’s a national long-distance service or regional one, with exclusive access to some of the cheapest tickets as an added incentive.

The SBB Mobile app also displays timetables for other modes of public transport including buses, boats, funiculars and mountain railways.

It’s available for free on iOS and Android but does require an internet connection.

Grand Train Tour app

Grand Train Tour app

This recommended app from Switzerland Tourism isn’t just for those taking the Grand Train Tour. It’s also the perfect companion for anyone planning a Swiss mountain excursion or a ride on one of the panoramic trains. 

The app includes details of each section of the Grand Train Tour and you can drill down to see the highlights of each section with links included to access timetables. 

The Grand Train Tour app is also a great way to discover Switzerland’s key sights, from beautiful cities to soaring mountain peaks, unspoiled villages and smart ski or spa resorts. 

Choosing a route can be good fun while using the app, and you can also access exclusive offers. New for 2024 are additional coupons to collect, and rewards can be accumulated as you travel.

You can get the Grand Train Tour app for Android or Apple devices, and it comes in nine languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Italian as well as English, German and French.

Grand Tour App

Grand Tour App

Also by Switzerland Tourism is the Grand Tour app. This one is aimed at drivers and motorcyclists, rather than those who are taking the train. It’s designed to let you plan the perfect route so you can tick off all the sights on your Swiss list. 

Again, this app introduces you to Switzerland’s finest places of interest, from glittering lakes and famous Alpine passes to stunning cities and UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s designed to whet your appetite for the incredible journey that lies ahead. 

There are predetermined route sectors to simplify the planning process, or you can create your own route from scratch. 

In total, the Grand Tour route covers more than 1,600 kilometres (or 995 miles), and the app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. 

MapBoxⒸ navigation will also help to ensure you don’t get lost along the way.

Swiss Travel Guide

Swiss Travel Guide App

The Swiss Travel System (STS) network is responsible for the Swiss Travel Guide app. This is arguably the number one app to download if you want to discover Switzerland by public transport and travel by bus, boat and train. 

Part of the appeal is the fact that this app lets you pick parts of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland to help you plan your trip. It also simplifies choosing which panoramic trains, boat trips and mountain railways to take. 

The app can also point you in the direction of which sites – such as museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites – are included with the Swiss Travel Pass. It also tells you which boat, mountain and train trips are free to Swiss Travel Pass holders. 

This app will help you to work out how to get from one point to another via the most efficient or scenic route possible. Users of the Swiss Travel Guide app can also access special offers, emergency contact information and the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

The Swiss Travel Guide app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Navigation apps


Via Michelin app

ViaMichelin is a free-to-download mapping app that makes use of the mapping know-how of the Michelin brand.

Offering users routes with real-time, online traffic information, GPS navigation with voice guidance, live incident alerts, three-dimensional mapping, and hotel recommendations, this is the only app you’ll need for satellite navigation.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


Rome2Rio App

With the tagline ‘discover how to get anywhere,’ Rome2Rio is a search engine-style app that scans routes by any and all forms of transport to get you from A to B, whether that’s for a long-distance trip or a cross-city ride.

Rome2Rio also provides a simple price guide to each alternative route, so it’s instantly clear which is the cheapest as well as the faster way of getting from your start point to your desired destination.

The app also provides suggestions for nearby hotels, attractions, and car rental options.

It’s completely free to use on both iOS and Android; all you need is an internet connection to get started.


Citymapper app

Similarly available for both iOS and Android devices, Citymapper is – as its name suggests – dedicated to travel within cities. Claiming to reinvent the urban transport app, Citymapper is fundamentally a city journey planner.

In fact, Citymapper could be more accurately known as Countrymapper, as it covers Switzerland in its entirety.

It offers real-time routes for walking, public transport, cycling, and taxis/Uber. Its real-time functionality means it can warn users of delays and offer updates for saved journeys, as well as having some clever extras such as showing users the best train carriage to head for and the ability to live-share your trip.

Switzerland’s public transport network is one of the world’s most comprehensive, not to mention efficient. This is reflected in the fact that the country’s network is the largest that’s so far been added to Citymapper.

When using Citymapper in Switzerland, you can plan your visit to Europe’s highest railway station, check how the Lausanne Metro is running or plot your skiing trip. You can also work out how to get from one place to another, of course.

Most functionality requires online access, although the app is constantly expanding its offline presence.

Google Maps

GoogleMaps App

The world’s favourite mapping app, Google Maps has one of the most comprehensive mapping systems around.

Free to use (but a little ad-heavy these days) the app offers real-time GPS navigation and estimated times of arrival, road traffic information, public transport routes, and pins to restaurants, hotels and attractions.

Despite its link to Google, the app can also be downloaded by iPhone and iPad users.


Swisstopo App

If you’d love to have accurate, detailed maps of Switzerland at your fingertips, then Swisstopo has to be the app for you. Via the app you can access top quality National Maps of Switzerland, which are ideal for any adventurer. 

Whether you plan to explore on foot or by bike, or are heading to Switzerland to partake of some winter sports, Swisstopo can help ensure you find your way. Even the most remote locations are covered, too. 

You can view landscapes in panoramic mode via the app, in addition to planning and recording the components of your trip. Topics such as Ice Age or Geology also help to add interest to what you’re seeing, as well as a fuller understanding of local landscapes. 

The app can be used on Apple or Android devices, and comes pre-loaded with every National Map. SwitzerlandMobility routes are included, as are historic and aeronautical maps and aerial photographs. It’s also easy to find locations by address, coordinates or place name.

Parking apps


Park4night App

The Park4night app provides information on where to park a campervan, motorhome or caravan overnight.

Its extensive database of rest locations provides plenty of recommendations, whether you’re searching for privacy or large, organised sites. They can be saved in the ‘my selections’ panel and downloaded to your device for offline use.

The basic app is free to download (Apple and Android), with in-app purchase options available.


EasyPark App

EasyPark is also a parking app, and lays claim to being Europe’s number one. You can start your parking time from your device, without having to queue for the meter. It’s a hassle-free way to pay for precisely the amount of parking you need. 

If you want to find an available space, EasyPark can also help you with that. You can also extend your parking session from your smartphone, without having to return to the meter to add on extra time. This is ideal when you don’t know how long you might want to spend in any given location. 

It’s simple to keep track of parking in Switzerland while using EasyPark, as the app will provide you with notifications, receipts and your parking history. When you’ll be visiting other European countries, EasyPark is ideal as it can be used in more than 20 countries across the continent. 

EasyPark is available for Apple and Android smartphones, as well as other devices.

Weather apps


MateoSwiss App

Coming from Switzerland’s official weather office, MeteoSwiss is the most-trusted app for information on the country’s all-important weather conditions.

Users can zoom in to specific map locations, get up to date weather forecasts for altitude as well as location, receive information on current conditions including rain radar, and sign up for push notifications on hazard warnings.

It’s free (with in-app purchases) for both Android and iOS devices, and requires internet connectivity.

Emergency apps


Alertswiss App

As the name suggests, Alertswiss is an app that’s all about averting disaster. Once you have the app on your device, you’ll receive location-specific alerts that could even save your life. 

If there are any warnings in place relating to the destination you’re in at the time, then having the Alertswiss app on your smartphone will allow you to stay ahead of any situation. Though disasters are rare, it’s always good to know that you’ll be among the first to know about any potential dangers.

The Alertswiss app can also help you to make a plan for dealing with an emergency, so that you can act as fast as possible. It’s available for Apple and Android devices. 

Dining apps

Just-Eat App

Offering food from more than 2,500 restaurants in Switzerland, by Just Eat is the country’s number one online food ordering service, connecting customers with restaurants.

Users pay via the app (so you’ll need online connectivity) and can choose to pick up or have their food delivered.

The app is free for iPhone, iPad and Android users, with operating in all of Switzerland’s major cities and cantons.


TheFork App

If you would rather have a meal in a restaurant than take-out, check out TheFork, a restaurant booking app that also provides users with a range of special offers.

Doing away with the need to telephone, users can receive confirmation of their booking via email and SMS message.

Restaurants can be found by location, and the app offers millions of independent customer reviews and tens of thousands of food images.

Though TheFork requires online access, it’s free and available for Android and iOS users.

Communication apps

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder app

With most of these apps requiring connectivity, you’re going to need to find WiFi hotspots; you guessed it – there’s an app for that!

Working off Google Maps for its mapping data, this app pinpoints speed-tested public WiFi hotspots by location and can be used offline thanks to downloadable maps.

To make the most of the app, you’ll need to buy a subscription (Android and iOS), which will cost you in the region of US$1/month.

Google Translate

Google Translate app

The app version of Google Translate is capable of translating more than 100 different languages by typing, around 40 by photo/image via the user’s phone camera, and a similar number in conversation mode – which translates near-instantaneously for those trying to converse in person.

The app will even translate almost 60 different languages when offline and is available for both Android and in the App store.

Dict app is an offline dictionary app that is able to translate more than 50 different languages in a bidirectional modality – so that English words can be translated to French, and French to English, for example. The app also offers the ability to download vocabulary for free, whether on iOS or Android.



WhatsApp not only offers free messaging and calls (data usage or WiFi permitting), but it also provides secure encrypted communication as standard. Available for phones using iOS and Android, it’s a great alternative to FaceTime or Messenger.


messenger App

Messenger (officially known as Facebook Messenger) is a standalone free app for Android and iOS. Like WhatsApp, it provides a means to make messages and calls and share photos and video. 

Finance apps

Your bank’s app

Downloading your bank’s app before heading to Switzerland is an excellent way of keeping track of your money while on the move.

All the major banks have free apps from which you can check your balance, study recent purchases, pay bills, and make transfers.

What’s more, mobile banking apps are widely considered safer than internet banking, making them the easiest and safest way of controlling your finances when away from home.

Do remember to notify your bank that you are travelling abroad so that foreign transactions aren’t blocked. You can often do this within your online banking account.


Wise App

Giving you the ability to transfer money at the tap of a smartphone screen is the Wise app.

You can send and receive money in a variety of currencies – with excellent exchange rates,  repeat a previous payment such as a monthly bill without having to complete all the information for a second time, and even use Apple Pay in addition to a debit or credit card.

Wise is available in the App Store, and also Google Play.

Open a Wise account here >>

Activities and Sightseeing apps


GetYourGuide app

Keep track of your pre-booked sightseeing tours and skip-the-line tickets with the GetYourGuide app.

Don’t stress about carrying around printed tour vouchers and tickets – simply download your confirmation email to your phone and present the QR code at the ticket counter for scanning.

Decided to book a last-minute transfer to or from the airport or train station?  No problem!  You can use the GetYourGuide app to make new reservations, too.

The app is available in both the App Store and on Google Play.

Search GetYourGuide here >>


Klook App

Another tour and activity platform with an excellent app, Klook’s version lets you search for things to do in a location and make reservations.

Store your Swiss Travel Pass or activity vouchers on your phone and you’ll never have to search through your backpack for tickets again.

Klook’s app is available to both Android and iOS users.

Search Klook here >>

Swiss Hike

Swiss Hike app

Owned and run by Switzerland Tourism, Swiss Hike is a trustworthy source of hiking information and detailed route maps which can be used offline as well as online.

Each listed hike includes information including difficulty, the average time required to complete the route, and the level of ascents/descents alongside a scale map of 1:25,000.

It’s free but only available on iOS.

Switzerland Tourism also runs a sister app, Swiss Winter Hike, which describes winter-friendly hikes in the same way.

Swiss Snow

Swiss Snow App

Another app from Switzerland Tourism, Swiss Snow shows the current snow conditions for more than 200 winter resorts.

Updated several times each day, the app incorporates detailed information on all the major winter sports, as well as a seven-day weather forecast.

The app is also free and available on iOS, and Google Play as Swiss Snow Report.

Swiss Events

Swiss Events app

This app lists more than 15,000 events that take place each year in Switzerland.

Updated daily by Switzerland Tourism, it provides all the information you require to make the most of your time, whether you are searching by location or theme.

It’s free and available on the Google Play store and App store.

Accommodation apps 

Booking app

The app from isn’t likely to need any introduction if you have made accommodation reservations using the platform.

It offers the opportunity to search and book accommodation straight from your smartphone but you can also keep track of your upcoming reservations and check hotel information such as addresses and phone numbers on the go.

Search here >>


Airbnb app

Similar to the app, Airbnb’s app allows you to keep tabs on the bookings you have made and communicate with the property owner.

You can also make new reservations directly from the app.

By downloading these apps to your smart phone or tablet, traveling around Switzerland will be a breeze.

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