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Episode 12: Visiting Ticino

January 27, 2021 Last Updated on September 15, 2021

Interview with Veronica Lafranchi, Country Manager for Ticino Tourism

With a Mediterranean climate and a delightful mix of Swiss quality and Italian flair, the Canton of Ticino makes a perfect inclusion in any Switzerland itinerary.

The capital Bellinzona is home to three UNESCO World Heritage listed castles, whilst the lovely cities of Lugano and Locarno both sit on the shores of majestic lakes. Add to that, lush valleys and and impressive mountains and you really have a destination with the lot.

In this episode, Veronica Lafranchi of Ticino Tourism discusses (amongst other things):

  • How Ticino differs from the rest of the country
  • Typical Ticinese dishes
  • Most popular places to visit in Ticino including Bellinzona, Lugano, Ascona Locarno, Valle Verzasca and Valle Maggia
  • Unique things to see and do in Ticino
  • Outdoor activities and mountain excursions
  • Public transport in Ticino
  • What makes Ticino a must-visit destination?

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Show Notes

Whilst listening to this episode, you’ll also hear Veronica mention:

>> White Merlot – the main grape of Ticino, it accounts for about 80% of all vines in the Canton

>> The Olive Trail of Gandria – a panoramic walk between Lugano and Gandria

>> Centovalli train, also known as the Foliage Train – a scenic journey between Locarno and Domodossola

>> Ceneri Base Tunnel – opened in 2020, this tunnel makes travel between Lugano and Locarno, and other destinations in Switzerland, even faster.

>> Corippo – classified as Switzerland’s smallest village, Corippo, in the Verzasca Valley is home to just 13 inhabitants – and two cats!

Useful Resources

The Ticino Tourism website is full of useful information and inspiration to help you plan your visit.

You can also browse the following articles which provide further information about many of the towns, villages and attractions mentioned in this episode :

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