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Episode 18: Visiting Appenzellerland

April 21, 2021 Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Interview with Andreas Frey, Managing Director of Appenzellerland Tourism

It may be a lesser-known part of Switzerland to international visitors but the authentic and unspoilt scenery of Appenzellerland makes it the ideal destination for a relaxing vacation.

In this episode, I’m joined by Andreas Frey of Appenzellerland Tourism to chat about the region and to learn more about the centuries-old customs and traditions that are still proudly practiced by the locals today.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Where is Appenzellerland?
  • Customs and traditions of Appenzellerland
  • Famous products from Appenzellerland
  • Towns to visit in Appenzellerland
  • Outdoor activities
  • Mt. Säntis
  • Must-do activities for a two day visit to Appenzellerland

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Show Notes

In this episode, you’ll hear mention of the following:

>> Mummer’s Procession – the New Year’s Eve festival held on 31 December and 13 January

>> Bloch Festival – 20 men pull the last felled tree of winter through the village

>> Alpfahrt and Alpabfahrt – the colourful processions when cows ascend (alpfahrt) and descend (alpabfahrt) the mountain pastures

>> Alpstobete – a summer music festival which features yodelling and herdsmen throwing bells

>> Biberli – Appenzeller gingerbread cookies with honey and nuts

>> Hornkuh-Käse – cheese made only from cows with horns

>> Reka – a vacation village for families in Urnäsch

Useful Resources

The official Appenzellerland Tourism website provides plenty of useful tips for planning your visit and their Instagram page is where you’ll find stunning photos of the region.

You can also read our detailed guide to Appenzellerland here. It provides further in-depth information about many of the places mentioned in the podcast.

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