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Episode 20: Visiting Graubünden

May 19, 2021 Last Updated on May 19, 2021

Interview with Thalia Wünsche of Graubünden Tourism

Graubünden may be the largest canton in Switzerland but it is less well known to many international visitors than some other cantons.

Boasting over 600 lakes and 900 mountains, the canton is home to some of Switzerland’s most pristine landscapes.

In this episode, Thalia Wünsche from Graubünden Tourism joins me to share her top things to do in the canton and to offer her reasons on why a visit to Graubünden should be included in your Swiss itinerary.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Where is Graubüunden
  • Unique characteristics of Graubünden
  • Graubünden’s scenic highlights and man-made attractions
  • Top towns to visit in Graubünden
  • Picturesque mountain villages
  • Itinerary suggestions for a first-time visitor to Graubünden

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Show Notes

In this episode, we chat about:

>> Regional specialties: foods to try include Capuns, Pizoccheri and Graubünden walnut cake

>> Lia Rumantscha: an institution whose sole purpose is to keep the Romansch language alive.

>> Scenic highlights of Graubünden: Swiss National Park, Rhine Gorge, Morteratsch Glacier, Alp Flix,

>> Man-made attractions: Rhaetian Railway line / Albula Bernina Line between Thusis and Tirano / Landwasser Viaduct

>> Chur: the capital of Graubünden. It has a charming Old Town with an interesting Street Art scene.

>> St. Moritz: luxurious alpine destination with excellent ski areas and attractive side valleys

>> Davos: the city in the mountains. Paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

>> Arosa Lenzerheide: two towns that are connected by ski slopes during winter. Lenzerheide is home to a beautiful lake and the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is popular with families.

>> Guarda: a mountain village situated on a natural terrace high over the valley.  

>> Soglio: belongs to the Italian-speaking part of the canton so you can feel the Italian influences here.  Lots of houses with stone roofs line the very narrow streets.  Surrounded by chestnut forests.

>> Vals: a village built at the end of the valley with a small but charming ski area.  Home to a thermal spa.

Useful Resources

You’ll find more information about planning a visit to Graubünden in this article.

The Graubünden Tourism website also has lots of information on what to do and where to stay.

Thalia’s recommended hike for a first-time visitor who is an experienced hiker is Jöriseen in Davos Klosters. > Click here for more info

For first-time visitors who are looking for a more relaxed day out, Thalia suggests a visit to Viamala Gorge and Wergenstein. She recommends you have lunch at Restaurant Capricorn in Wergenstein.

If you have a few days to spend in Graubünden, Thalia’s tip is to take a road trip over some of the mountain passes (Fluelapass, Ofenpass, Berninapass, for example) and sleep overnight in the mountain huts.  You can also do a multi-day hike from hut to hut or hotel to hotel, such as the Kesch-Trek. > Click here for more info.

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