Holidays to Switzerland Travel Podcast Episode 25
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Episode 25: Latest news and updates from Switzerland

July 28, 2021 Last Updated on July 28, 2021

Interview with Birgit Weingartner of Switzerland Tourism

To celebrate the 25th episode of the Holidays to Switzerland Travel Podcast, I’m joined again by Birgit Weingartner of Switzerland Tourism who was my guest on episode 2.

Birgit shares details with us about the re-opening of Switzerland to tourists and she provides an update on some of the new projects that have opened in Switzerland over the last twelve months. There’s also mention of everyone’s favourite Swiss citizen, Roger Federer!

Birgit also answers some reader questions that were submitted via the Switzerland Travel Planning Facebook group and by email.

There are plenty of useful tips and suggestions in this episode to help with your trip planning.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Relaxing of Switzerland’s entry requirements for tourists
  • Switzerland Tourism appoints Roger Federer as an official ambassador
  • Swisstainable
  • New projects that have opened in Switzerland in the past year
  • Reader questions answered

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Show Notes

For more information about the topics discussed in this episode, click on the following links:

>> Switzerland’s entry requirements

>> Roger Federer’s appointment as ambassador

>> Sustainable travel in Switzerland

>> Swiss culinary specialties

>> Grindelwald Tourism

Birgit’s tips on how to greet locals when you enter and eat at restaurant:

Grüezi – Hello

En Guete – Enjoy your meal

Useful Resources

You can also find more information about the Eiger Express in this article and the Lindt Home of Chocolate in this article.

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