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Episode 92: Uncovering the delights of the Emmental Valley

February 21, 2024

The Emmental region – or Emme Valley – is part of the canton of Bern and is characterised by lush, rolling green hills.  It’s where the world’s most famous cheese, Emmental is produced – yes, THAT cheese with holes – and it’s also home to Switzerland’s most famous biscuits.

To tell us more about this beautiful valley, I’m joined today by Hana Hurabova. Since moving to Switzerland a decade ago, Hana has made it her mission to explore as much of the country as she can, and the Emmental is one of her favourite places. She shares her favourite things to see and do in the valley with us today.

Hana’s love of Switzerland and her extensive local knowledge mean that she is often asked by other travellers to help them with their Swiss travel plans. Because of this, she now offers a tailor-made itinerary planning service, which we’ll hear more about shortly.

I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy this episode as Hana’s enthusiasm for the Emmental is bound to inspire you to visit this stunning part of Switzerland.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • How Hana came to be living in Switzerland
  • Why Hana loves the Emmental Valley
  • The unique characteristics of the Emmental Valley
  • Top things to do in the Emmental Valley
  • How to get to the Emmental Valley
  • Hana’s itinerary planning service
  • An exclusive offer for our audience

Our Guest

Hana Hurabova

Hana Hurabova moved to Switzerland with her family almost ten years. With a love of the outdoors, she soon set about exploring her new home country.

Hana writes about her Swiss adventures on her blog and she helps other travellers to plan their trips to Switzerland with her itinerary planning service.

Places mentioned in this episode

>> Trübschachen – a charming, authentic Emmental village surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Here you’ll find traditional Emmentaler architecture, picturesque landscapes, and the Kambly biscuit factory.

>> Kambly Experience – at the Kambly Experience in Trübschachen visitors can witness the artistry of biscuit-making firsthand. Guided tours offer insights into the making of Switzerland’s most famous biscuits and there are plenty of free samples to try. Visit the Kambly website for more info.

Emmental Valley landscape
A stunning Emmental landscape. © Hana Hurabova
Kambly biscuit factory
A delicious Kambly biscuit. © Hana Hurabova

>> Emmentaler Show Dairy – located in Affoltern, this is the place to go for lovers of cheese. Visitors can watch the time-honoured process of cheese-making and taste this famous Swiss variety. You might even discover why Emmentaler cheese has holes! Check opening hours here.

>> Leug viewpoint – perched atop the rolling hills of the Emmental Valley, the Leug lookout offers panoramic views of the stunning Swiss countryside, with its patchwork of green fields and charming villages below.

Emmentaler Show Dairy
Emmentaler Show Dairy. © Hana Hurabova
View from Leug lookout in Emmental Valley
View from Leug lookout. © Hana Hurabova

Hana’s tailor-made itinerary planning service

After years of helping family, friends and readers of her travel blog plan their Swiss itineraries, Hana has now extended her service to help the Holidays to Switzerland audience. She has also generously offered our audience a 5% discount simply by quoting the code HTS5 when you book a consultation with her.

You can find out more about Hana’s tailor-made itinerary planning service here.

There’s lots of information about Emmental Valley and Switzerland on Hana’s website If you’d like to connect with her on social media, you can do so on Instagram and Facebook.

Hiking in Emmental Valley
Hiking in Emmental Valley. © Hana Hurabova
Grand Tour of Switzerland sign in Emmental Valley
Endless views worth framing! © Hana Hurabova

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