Holidays to Switzerland Travel Podcast Episode 96, Mount Stanserhorn
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Episode 96: Mount Stanserhorn – Add this mountain peak in Switzerland to your must-visit list!

April 17, 2024

If you’re currently planning your trip to Switzerland, you’ve probably got a list as long as your arm of mountain excursions and activities that you’d like to experience. 

Whilst it can be really difficult to cross some of these from your list, time and cost can ultimately play a big part in deciding which activities end up on your itinerary and which ones you have to skip.

So what if you could combine a ride on an historic funicular with a ride on a super-modern cable car?  Well you can!  

An excursion to Mount Stanserhorn is one you may not have heard of but thanks to its proximity to Lucerne and its laid back vibe, it’s definitely one to consider including in your Switzerland itinerary.  

In this episode, you’ll discover the many reasons to visit Mt. Stanserhorn with my guest, Lena Häfelfinger.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Where Mount Stanserhorn is located
  • How to get to Mt. Stanserhorn from Lucerne
  • The historic funicular and Cabrio Bahn Stanserhorn 
  • Ticket prices for the Stanserhorn excursion
  • What to do at Mt. Stanserhorn
  • How to experience a candle light dinner at Stanserhorn restaurant
  • When you can visit Mt. Stanserhorn
  • Important tips you should know before visiting the mountain

Our Guest

Lena Häfelfinger from CabriO Stanserhorn
Lena Häfelfinger

Lena Häfelfinger has always been fascinated by mountains and mountain railroads. She has always worked in tourism and is proud to have been working for a mountain railroad which is unique in the world for over thre years.

Lena really enjoys working with the cheerful team and likes her job as marketing manager.

Fun facts about Mt. Stanserhorn

  • The mountain summit is 1,898 metres above sea level
  • The first funicular started operating in 1893
  • The CabriO cable car is the world’s first (and only) double-decker open-air cable car
  • You can visit Mt. Stanserhorn from mid-April to late November
  • Every day there is a ranger on the mountain to share information about the local flora and fauna
The historic Stanserhorn funicular with views over Lake Lucerne.
A nostalgic funicular takes passengers from the valley station at Stans to Kälti.

Useful resources

Read our detailed guide to planning your visit to Mt. Stanserhorn.

Travel on the historic funicular and the CabriO Stanserhorn cable car are fully included with the Swiss Travel Pass. > Click here to buy your Swiss Travel Pass.

If you aren’t travelling with a Swiss Travel Pass, you can buy your ticket for Mount Stanserhorn from the Stanserhorn website.

You can also follow Mt. Stanserhorn on Instagram.

CabriO Stanserhorn cable car with views over Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
The world’s first open air double decker cable car, the CabriO Stanserhorn, links Kälti to the Stanserhorn summit.

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