Holidays to Switzerland Travel Podcast episode 97 - FAQs about Swiss train travel answered
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Episode 97: 15 FAQs about train travel in Switzerland answered!

May 1, 2024 Last Updated on May 13, 2024

Switzerland is well known for its fantastic public transport system and getting around the country by train, bus and boat is the perfect option for visitors – even those who aren’t used to navigating public transport.

For those of us who are used to getting around daily by car, deciding to solely travel by train on vacation can be a big decision!

Countries like the United States, Canada and Australia are huge and they don’t have the railway infrastructure that Switzerland does so it can be hard to get your head around relying on trains as your sole means of transport.

But, let me say, travelling by train in Switzerland is easy.

I’m sure you’ve got questions, though, so in this episode I thought I’d answer 15 of the most commonly asked questions about travelling by train in Switzerland.

There are numerous articles on about Swiss train travel, and we’ve recorded lots of podcast episodes on the topic, too, so definitely go and check those out.  

The purpose of this episode is to give you quick and concise answers to these frequently asked questions so that you can travel Switzerland by train with ease.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you should use trains instead of renting a car
  • Are there fast trains in Switzerland?
  • Do Swiss trains run on time?
  • What are the best rail passes or Swiss train tickets for tourists?
  • What trains are not covered with the Swiss Travel Pass?
  • Are there discounts for children on Swiss trains?
  • First class and second class differences
  • Are seat reservations required on Swiss trains?
  • Do Swiss trains operate on Sundays and public holidays?
  • Where to find Swiss railway timetables

These questions and more are answered in this episode to help you plan your vacation by train around Switzerland with confidence.

Interior of a 1st class carriage on the BLS RegioExpress Lotschberger
Switzerland’s trains are clean, comfortable and a very convenient mode of transport.

Resources mentioned in this episode

>> How to choose the best Swiss rail pass for your trip

>> The complete guide to the Saver Day Pass in Switzerland

>> Understanding and using the Swiss rail system

>> How to make seat reservations for panoramic trains in Switzerland

>> All our Swiss transport guides

You can read the full transcript of this episode > here.

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