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Episode 28: From Brisbane to Zug – Creating a new life in Switzerland

September 8, 2021 Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Interview with Kristin Reinhard of z-Nü

Today’s guest is Kristin Reinhard, an Australian who spent her gap year in Switzerland and is still there today, some 20 years later!

In this episode, Kristin tells us how her journey to Switzerland began and why she stayed, she gives us an insight into life in Switzerland with a family and shares her favourite family-friendly places to visit. 

Kristin Reinhard

As an outlet for her writing and photography, Kristin created the website Swiss Family Travel where she, and a group of English speaking writers, offered an insider’s guide to Switzerland.  They have recently rebranded the website and we’ll learn more about the new version – z-Nuni – in this episode.

As someone who frequently daydreams about living in Switzerland, I loved hearing all Kristin’s nuggets about life in Switzerland and I’m sure you will, too.

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Show Notes

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Kristin’s background and how she came to be living in Switzerland
  • Zug, the city she calls home
  • Integrating into the community
  • Language challenges
  • How the Swiss Family Travel website came about
  • The rebranded website – what does z’Nuni mean?
  • Is Switzerland a family-friendly country?
  • Kristin’s favourite places to take her kids
  • Purchasing Kristin’s photographic prints
  • Must-do experiences for visitors to Switzerland
  • Kristin’s must-try Swiss meal

Places and meals mentioned in this episode:

>> Flims Water Trail – a themed water path at Flims

>> Brunni Tickle Trail – a sensory path at Harzlisee above Engelberg

>> Swiss Transport Museum – all forms of transport are on display at this museum at Lucerne

>> Mürren – a wonderful village in the Bernese Oberland to get a real appreciation for the alps

>> Würstkasesalat – a salad made with sausage, cheese and salad leaves

Useful Resources

Kristin’s re-branded website is where you’ll find stories from Switzerland, recipes, travel tips and an online shop. You can also follow along on Instagram @Znunipress.

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Other podcast episodes that mention Mürren include Episode 7 – Planning your visit to the Schilthorn and Episode 8 – Visiting the Jungfrau Region.

Alps near Murren
Kristin shared this photo she took above Mürren. She says it is here that you can really appreciate the height of the alps.

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