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Episode 38: Sustainable Travel in Switzerland by Train, Bus and Boat

January 26, 2022 Last Updated on June 5, 2024

Interview with Andy Nef of Travel Switzerland (formerly called Swiss Travel System)

Today I’m joined by a regular guest on the show, Andy Nef, from Travel Switzerland. 

Andy is passionate about the Swiss public transport network and although we’ve discussed it in previous episodes, with a new year upon us, I thought it was timely to get an update on the Travel Switzerland and the Swiss Travel Pass.

In addition to that, Andy is going to tell us about Switzerland’s dedication to offering a sustainable public transport network. 

It’s something the Swiss take very seriously and you might be surprised by some of the renewable power sources that are used.

Are you ready to hear all about travelling by train, bus and boat in Switzerland?

If you need to go on a tour – sustainably by train bus or boat, of course – you need Switzerland.

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Show Notes

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Andy’s long career working with different Swiss rail companies
  • An overview of the Travel Switzerland which includes nearly 30,000 kilometres of rail, road and waterways
  • The Swiss Travel Pass – what it includes plus changes and updates for 2022
  • Travelling between Switzerland and neighbouring countries by train
  • Night train services to and from Switzerland
  • What Switzerland is doing to ensure travelling by public transport is sustainable

Transport methods mentioned in this episode

>> TGV – high speed trains connecting Paris with Geneva, Basel, Zurich and Lausanne.

>> ICE – (Inter City Express) high speed trains operating between Germany (Berlin and Hamburg) and Zurich.

>> Eurocity – regular service trains which operate between Germany (Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich) and Zurich.

>> Railjet – high speed trains which operate between Austria and Zurich. The overnight service is called Nightjet.

MS Diamant boat on Lake Lucerne
MS Diamant
Railjet train in rural setting

>> Rhaetian Railways – the entire fleet of Rhaetain Railways trains, including the Bernina Express, are 100% powered by hydro energy.

>> Stanserhorn – the Stanserhorn cable car is operated with solar power thanks to huge solar panels on the roof of the cable car stations.

>> Interlaken E-Post bus – a bus service in Interlaken which is powered by electricity and battery and is recharged by hydro power.

>> Freiburg/Fribourg Funi – a funicular connecting the upper and lower parts of Freiburg/Fribourg which is powered by filtered waste water.

>> MS Diamant – the first climate-neutral regular-service boat in Switzerland. It operates on Lake Lucerne and is also the first hybrid boat in Switzerland.

Bernina Express with lake view in the background
Bernina Express
Freiburg funicular
Freiburg Funi

All images courtesy Travel Switzerland.

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Timetables and fares for individual journeys can be found on the Swiss Railways website.

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