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Episode 62: Fun things to do in the Jungfrau Region with kids

December 28, 2022 Last Updated on June 5, 2024

The Jungfrau Region is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations and many visitors flock to the area to go hiking, enjoy the stunning scenery or do an excursion to one of the many mountains in the Bernese Alps.  Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn are two of the most famous excursions that draw visitors here. 

We’ve discussed the Jungfrau Region in numerous previous episodes of the podcast but in this episode I wanted to focus on child-friendly activities.  

To tell us about some of the fantastic activities that the whole family can enjoy, I am joined by Isabelle Rapisarda from Jungfrau Region Tourism.

Whether you are travelling with children – or are just young at heart – you won’t want to miss what Isabelle is going to share with us.

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As always, thank you to the team from Switzerland Tourism for sponsoring the podcast.  There’s lots of info about visiting Switzerland with children on their website, so do take a look.

If you need a natural trophy, you need Switzerland.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Child-friendly activities in the Jungfrau Region
  • Family-friendly excursions and hikes
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Marble Runs
  • Zip lines,  mountain carts and scooter rides
  • Grindelwald Glacier spider web
  • Mini golf courses in Grindelwald and Wengen
  • Family activities including a dwarf trail at Hasliberg
  • Skiing and sledding for all the family

Our Guest

Isabelle Rapisarda of Jungfrau Region Tourism

Isabelle Rapisarda is Market Manager for Jungfrau Region Tourism.

Her role includes promoting the beautiful Jungfrau Region to international countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Places and activities mentioned in this episode

>> Männlichen – a mountain situated between Wengen and Grindelwald that is home to an adventure playground featuring an 8-metre-high wooden cow. Männlichen can be reached by cable car from either Grindelwald (Terminal) or Wengen.

>> Allmendhubel – located above Mürren, Allmendhubel is a family-friendly destination with a great playground and an interactive trail highlighting native flowers and herbs. Allmendhubel can be reached by funicular from Mürren.

>> Pfingstegg rodelbahn – Close to Grindelwald, Pfingstegg mountain can be reached by cable car. At the summit, there’s a summer toboggan track (called a rodelbahn) which is fun for all ages.

>> Pfingstegg flyline – Also at Pfingstegg is a flyline, a soft-adventure zip line.

Giant wooden cow at Mannlichen playground above Wengen in Switzerland
Männlichen playground
Children's playground at Allmendhubel above Murren
Allmendhubel playground
Pfingstegg rodelbahn at Grindelwald, Switzerland
Pfingstegg rodelbahn

>> First Cliff Walk – Grindelwald’s ‘house’ mountain, Mt. First, is home to many activities that are suitable for the whole family including the First Cliff Walk, a steel platform attached to the side of the cliff face.

>> First Flyer – Speeds of up to 84 kilometres per hour can be reached on the First Flyer, a zip line that travels 800 metres from the summit of Mt. First to the Schreckfeld intermediate station. Participants are secured by a harness with a seat.

>> First Glider – Affixed to a large eagle, four passengers at a time can ‘fly’ down the mountain whilst attached to a cable.

>> Mountain carts – Adventure seekers can travel three kilometres from Schreckfeld to Bort intermediate stations on Mt. First in a mountain cart, a cross between a go-kart and toboggan. The carts feature a comfortable seat, good tyres and stable brakes.

>> Trottibikes – A fun way to descend from Bort to Grindelwald is by Trottibike, a scooter with thicker tyres. A paved path through open meadows makes for a picturesque ride.

First Flyer at Grindelwald First
First Flyer © Jungfrau Region Tourism
Mountain Carts at Mt. First near Grindelwald
Mountain carts at Mt. First © Jungfrau Region Tourism
Trotti bikes at Mt. First, Switzerland
Trotti bikes at Mt. First

>> Grindelwald Gorge spider web – Suspended across the Grindelwald Glacier Gorge, a giant net resembling a spider web can be walked on.

>> Mini golf courses – There are numerous mini golf courses in the Jungfrau Region including at Grindelwald, Wengen and Lauterbrunnen.

>> Marble runs – A fun activity often built alongside hiking paths, marble runs are wooden frames that kids can roll wooden marbles down. An excellent marble run (Kugelweg) can be found at Hasliberg.

>> Dwarf trail – Also at Hasliberg are two different trails which tell the folklore stories of dwarves living in the region.

>> Indoor rope and climbing halls – Grindelwald is home to an indoor rope park whilst at Meiringen there’s an indoor climbing hall suitable for all ages.

>> Skiing and sledding – In winter, there are plenty of opportunities for the whole family to try skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and a host of other winter sports.

Children playing at the marble run on Hasliberg
Marble run at Hasliberg © Jungfrau Region Tourism
Boy climbing on rope course at the indoor rope park in Grindelwald, Switzerland
Indoor rope park at Grindelwald © Jungfrau Region Tourism
bodmiARENA ski school Grindelwald
Ski school in Grindelwald © Jungfrau Region Tourism

Useful Resources

You’ll find more information about all the activities mentioned in this episode on the Jungfrau Region Tourism website.

Other podcast episodes that cover the Jungfrau Region include:

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