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Episode 86: How to travel responsibly in Switzerland

November 29, 2023 Last Updated on May 14, 2024

In recent years, we’ve started to hear terms like sustainable travel and responsible travel more and more often. 

This is in part due to climate change and the effects our actions are having on the environment but to me, being a responsible or sustainable traveller is more than just about protecting the environment, although that is extremely important of course.

After a record year in terms of tourist numbers in Switzerland this year, I wanted to find out what the Swiss are doing to encourage sustainable tourism and how we can travel responsibly when we visit Switzerland in the future.

Our guest, Simon Bosshart, is hear to tell us about the many ways we can travel more responsibly.

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As always, I’d like to say thank you to the team from Switzerland Tourism for sponsoring the podcast.  You’ll find lots of helpful info for planning your visit to Switzerland on their website, myswitzerland.com so do go and take a look. 

Of course travelling by public transport is the most sustainable way to travel and if you need the train ride of a lifetime, you need Switzerland.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is responsible / sustainable travel
  • What Switzerland Tourism is doing to encourage sustainable travel
  • Simple actions to take to be a more responsible traveller
  • What is being done to manage over-tourism in Switzerland
  • How destinations can manage vacation rentals so locals aren’t priced out of the rental market
  • The consequences of not embracing a more sustainable approach to travel

Our Guest

Simon Bosshart, Head of Markets East, Switzerland Tourism

Simon Bosshart is Manager Markets East and Member of the Management Board of Switzerland Tourism. He has worked for Switzerland Tourism for more than 17 years, including heading up the China Operations team. Simon is as motivated about promoting Switzerland today as he was on his very first day all those years ago.

Ideas for travelling more sustainably


  • Travel by public transport or rent an electric vehicle


  • Stay longer in each destination
  • Choose accommodation with a Swisstainable emblem


  • Respect the environment – stick to marked trails, don’t pick the wildflowers, take your rubbish home
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Take a reusable water bottle and fill it with free water from the hundreds of water fountains in Switzerland


  • Visit out of high season
  • Eat at local and responsible restaurants
  • Buy from local producers and farm shops
  • Be respectful – you are visiting someone’s home town
MS Diamant on Lake Lucerne
MS Diamant, which operates on Lake Lucerne, is Switzerland’s first climate-neutral boat in regular service.
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Useful resources

The Switzerland Tourism website has an entire section dedicated to sustainable – or as they like to call it, Swisstainable – travel. Amongst the helpful information is a list of sustainable experiences, and a packing list for sustainable travel.

Simon was also the guest on episode 79 of the Holidays to Switzerland Travel Podcast where he spoke about the many reasons to visit Switzerland during autumn/fall. You can listen to episode 79 here.

We also heard from Andy Nef about Switzerland’s dedication to offering a sustainable public transport network in episode 38 of the podcast.

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This episode is sponsored by Switzerland Tourism

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