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July 24, 2023 Last Updated on May 14, 2024

Mount Titlis in Switzerland makes a very popular day trip destination, especially from Lucerne. Many people choose to visit this mountain instead of the Jungfraujoch, and at almost 3,250 metres above sea level it’s a pretty impressive peak.

Equally remarkable is Titlis Rotair, the first revolving cable car in the world. This affords visitors panoramic 360 degree views over the mountains like never before.

The year 1739 saw the first ascent of Mount Titlis, and people have been making the trip ever since. 

Titlis mountain is also home to the Titlis Cliff Walk, Europe’s highest suspension bridge, and you can venture down an illuminated tunnel carved from blue glacial ice to reach the Titlis Glacier Cave.

Hikers can also take to the trails leading from the Trübsee cable car station.

Another Mount Titlis cable car (or chairlift), known as the Ice Flyer, also operates during summer and winter. This cable car is used for taking scenic journeys across the mountainous landscape as much as it is to reach the ski slopes.

It’s also possible to see the only glacier in the region from the Ice Flyer.

TITLIS Rotair rotating cable car
Titlis Rotair is the world’s first revolving cable car. © Travel Switzerland

Visitors to Mt Titlis in Switzerland may also hire a boat to row across Trübsee lake, take a thrilling Trübsee Flyer zip line ride or simply relax while enjoying a drink or meal at the restaurants and cafes found on the mountain.

Then there are options like the Trubsee snow park, the Titlis Cliff Walk, mountain biking trails and an Adventure Park. Seasonal activities such as snow shoeing, skiing and tobogganing may also be available.

Whatever you’d like to do when you reach the top of Mount Titlis, this guide can help you plan your ideal mountain day.

Topics covered include how to get there, where to buy your Titlis ticket, whether you can stay at a Mt. Titlis hotel and how the weather may affect your visit. 

If you’re interested in visiting Mt. Titlis in summer or winter, read on so you can plan your ideal day in the Swiss mountains. 

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Quick Summary of Mt. Titlis Ticket Options

Type of ticketPrice per adultWhere to buy
Round trip ticket ex EngelbergCHF 96.00BUY HERE
Swiss Half Fare Card holderCHF 48.00BUY HERE
Swiss Travel Pass holderCHF 48.00BUY HERE
Berner Oberland Pass holderCHF 48.00BUY HERE
Tell Pass holderFree travelBUY HERE
Self-guided day trip from LucerneCHF 108.00BUY HERE
Guided tour from LucerneCHF 142.00BUY HERE
Guided day tour from ZurichCHF 169.00BUY HERE

Where is Mt. Titlis?

Mount Titlis is part of the Uri Alps, and at 3,238 metres above sea level it’s the highest peak to the north of the Susten Pass. It can be found to the south of Lake Lucerne, in the canton of Obwalden. 

The peak is often referred to as Titlis Engelberg, and you can reach the summit by taking a cable car from Engelberg. This is a small resort in the Swiss mountains, and is located about 35 kilometres south of Lucerne. 

How to get to Mt. Titlis

The efficient Swiss transport network means it’s easy to reach Titlis from Lucerne, and there are frequent trains from the city to Engelberg. You can also drive to the small resort, or take an organised day trip. 

Getting from Lucerne to Engelberg

Lucerne – Engelberg – Trübsee – Stand – Titlis

The route from Lucerne to Mt. Titlis involves several sectors. First you can travel to Engelberg by train or car, then from Engelberg you can take the Titlis Express gondola to Trübsee and then Stand.

At Stand, you change to the Titlis Rotair for the final leg of the journey to the summit. 

Titlis Xpress cable car which operates between Engelberg and Stand via Trübsee

© Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus

The first step is choosing how to travel between Lucerne and Engelberg. You can either take a train trip or drive to the mountain resort. 

How to get to Engelberg by train 

It’s simple to take the train from Lucerne to Engelberg. The journey takes aboard the Luzern Engelberg Express takes about 45 minutes.

Once you alight at Engelberg station there is a free shuttle bus which will take you to the Titlis valley cable car station nearby. 

This complimentary shuttle bus service operates at weekends and during high season.

If you need or choose to walk, the route is flat and only takes about 10 minutes. There are plenty of signs to point you in the right direction.

How to get to Engelberg by car

You can also drive to Engelberg and park at the valley cable car station. To get here from Lucerne, follow the A2 from the city and head towards the Gotthard Pass. At Stans-Sud, take exit 33 which is about 20 kilometres from Engelberg. 

The resort is well signposted from there. Once you arrive in town, look out for signs directing you to Titlis Valley cable car station. 

Mt. Titlis Timetable

Trains from Lucerne to Engelberg 

If you want to take public transport to Engelberg, trains depart hourly from Lucerne. You need to take the service heading south towards Engleberg, which is operated by Zentralbahn. The trip takes 45 minutes.

Engelberg to Titlis gondolas

The first leg of the journey from Engelberg to Titlis is via the Titlis Express gondola. The 8-seater cable cars travel between Engelberg and Stand via Trübsee, and the ride takes about 15 minutes.

Services depart continuously from the valley station (Talstation Titlis) in Engelberg. 

The Titlis Rotair gondola then takes visitors from the station at Stand up to the summit.

This sector forms the last leg of the Engelberg to Titlis journey. The TITLIS Rotair is a 360 degree cable car on Mount Titlis, and takes around 5 further minutes. You should allow a total journey time of around 30 minutes. 

These services operate between 8.30am and 5pm, with the final ascent at 4pm and the last descent at 5pm. Seasonal closures affect services during November – you can check before you travel here

Ice Flyer chair lift

The six-seater Ice Flyer operates on the mountain between 9.15am and 4pm. It transfers visitors from the summit of Mt. Titlis to the Glacier Park (more info below).

The Ice Flyer also closes during November and April, so do check the dates here

A return trip on the Ice Flyer costs CHF 12.

View of alpine lake from Mt Titlis
Panoramic views of Alpine peaks and lakes can be seen from Mt. Titlis.

Mt. Titlis Tickets 

If you want to buy tickets for Mount Titlis in advance – and doing this is recommended to avoid disappointment – you need either public transport tickets for the train and gondolas or to book onto a day tour. 

Rail and cable car tickets

Standard adult fares from Engelberg to Titlis via the Titlis Xpress cable car cost CHF 69 one way or CHF 96 return. Children under 16 pay half the adult price.

You can pre-purchase your tickets* here. *Ice Flyer tickets are included when purchasing via this link.

Unless you have a Swiss or Tell Pass, you will also need a train ticket for the journey between Lucerne and Engelberg. A standard adult fare is, at the time of writing, around CHF 20 for a single trip or CHF 40 return.

Holders of Half Fare Cards and children get 50% off standard fares. Tell Pass holders also have their cable car trips covered by the pass, so the entire journey is free once you’ve purchased this. 

🇨🇭 Find out more about the Lake Lucerne region Tell Pass here

Mount Titlis day trips

Panoramic view from Mt. Titlis

From 3,000 metres above sea level, the views are breathtaking.

If you want to let someone else take care of the transport, tickets and general organisation of your visit, why not take a day tour to Mount Titlis? The following are the best options from Lucerne and Zurich. 

Organised tour from Lucerne to Mt. Titlis

Another option is to book an organised tour from Lucerne to Titlis. If you’d like to do this, we recommend a half day tour lasting around five to six hours. This will take you by coach to Engelberg and up towards the mountain.

The tour includes a trip on the Ice Flyer gondola as well as the breathtaking Titlis Rotair revolving cable car.

During the day you will also visit the Titlis Glacier Cave, and pass over the highest suspension bridge in Europe. Weather permitting, you may also visit the Glacier Park. 

> Click here to book this half day Mount Titlis tour from Lucerne

Organised tour from Zurich to Mt. Titlis

If you’re based in Zurich and want to take a day trip to Mt. Titlis, we recommend a full day tour lasting around nine to ten hours.

As well as the mountain, you’ll visit Lucerne en route, taking a tour of the city to see highlights like the lake and the Lion Monument. 

Otherwise the itinerary is the same as that above, so your day will include rides on the Ice Flyer and Titlis Rotair cable cars plus visits to the Glacier Cave and suspension bridge.

Glacier Park may also be included in this Mount Titlis from Zurich trip, if the weather is suitable on the day.

> Click here to book this full day Mount Titlis tour from Zurich 

Self-guided trip from Lucerne

Should you prefer to travel at your own pace but still have all your tickets organised in advance, a self-guided day trip from Lucerne could be your best bet.

> Click here to book your self-guided visit to Mt. Titlis from Lucerne

Where to buy Mt. Titlis Tickets

Type of ticketPrice per adultWhere to buy
Regular ticket ex EngelbergCHF 96.00BUY HERE
Swiss Half Fare Card holderCHF 48.00BUY HERE
Swiss Travel Pass holderCHF 48.00BUY HERE
Regional Pass Berner Oberland holderCHF 48.00BUY HERE
Tell Pass holderFreeBUY HERE
Self-guided day trip from LucerneCHF 108.00BUY HERE
Guided tour from LucerneCHF 142.00BUY HERE
Guided tour from ZurichCHF 169.00BUY HERE

Things to do at Mt. Titlis

There is lots to do once you reach the summit of Mount Titlis as well as along the way.

A stop at the viewing platform is a must, and you can also take a cliff walk, see the Glacier Cave and Glacier Park, or go shopping, hiking or skiing depending on the season.

You can also dine at one of the restaurants. 

On the way up or down you may also like to stop at Lake Trübsee, where you can also hike, hire a boat, visit the adventure play park or take a ride on the Trübsee Flyer zip line. 

Activities at Mt. Titlis summit

Titlis Ice Flyer

Ice Flyer chair lift at Mt. Titlis, Switzerland

To reach Titlis Glacier Park, a ride on the 6-person Ice Flyer chair lift is required.

From the summit of Mt. Titlis, visitors can enjoy a ride on the Ice Flyer chairlift (additional cost) over the Titlis Glacier to the Glacier Park.

The six-seater Ice Flyer offers a spectacular ride across the snowy landscape, so you can peer into deep, icy crevasses and be swept across vast expanses of untouched, pure white snow.

During summer the Ice Flyer takes visitors to the Glacier Park and the Titlis Cliff Walk, while in winter the destination is the ski slopes on the mountain’s summit. 

Titlis Cliff Walk

Titlis Cliff Walk suspension bridge at Mt. Titlis in Switzerland

The Titlis Cliff Walk suspension bridge is the highest in Europe.

Just beside the Glacier Park you’ll find one of the main attractions of Mt. Titlis – the Titlis Cliff Walk. At 3,000 metres above sea level, this is the highest suspension bridge in Europe.

Crossing the 100 metre bridge isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you are brave enough you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views.

The Titlis Cliff Walk is just a metre wide. You can cross it for free and it’s open all year round, weather permitting. 

Titlis Glacier Park

Snow tubing at Titlis Glacier Park
Snow tubing is one of the fun activities available at Titlis Glacier Park.

Open between June and September, the Glacier Park is the place to go for some snow-based fun. Snow tubing is very popular, where you’ll slide safely down the run on a rubber tyre. The park is accessed via the Ice Flyer. 

There is also a ‘magic carpet’ (a moving platform) to take you back to the top, saving you the climb.

During winter, you can visit the Trübsee snow park instead.

Titlis Glacier Cave

Titlis Glacier Cave
Titlis Glacier Cave allows you to see and feel glacial ice.

Feel the chill of glacial ice as you descend ten metres below the surface of the Titlis glacier.  

A 150-metre-long pathway meanders through a cave so you can witness, and touch, 5,000 year-old glacial ice first hand.

The cave is illuminated in blue light and the air temperature remains at -1.5C so be sure to rug up before heading inside.

You can access TITLIS Glacier cave from Level 1 of the main building. It is open year round, except when the cable cars are closed for maintenance.

Activities at Trübsee

Lake Trubsee on Mt. Titlis
Lake Trubsee makes the ideal stop on your way to or from the summit of Mt. Titlis.

Trübsee Adventure

Take a Trübsee Adventure by stopping on your way up or down Titlis – and the best thing is that many of the attractions are free of charge.

It costs nothing to test the Trampoline2Bag, take to the BagJump Tower, use the bouncy castle or try out the slackline.

During good weather the attraction is open daily between 10am and 5pm. If it’s very wet or windy, the BagJump area closes. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety, though a guide is present. Discover more here

Lake Trübsee

Trübsee on Mt. Titlis, Switzerland
It’s definitely worth stopping off at Trübsee for a stroll around the lake.

Lake Trübsee lies between Engelberg and the Titlis summit, and is incredibly picturesque. At the middle cable car station of Trübsee you can alight to see the lake. 

An easy hike around the edge of the lake is highly recommended, with fabulous views of mountain peaks framing the scene. Allow 60 to 90 minutes for a relaxing stroll.

To access the path around the lake, set out at the restaurant by Trübsee cable car station and follow the flat, family friendly path by the water.

Benches dotted along the path invite you to sit and enjoy the view.

Trübsee Play Area

Trübsee playground sign
Trübsee is perfect for families with adventure playgrounds to keep the kids amused.

Beside the lake are numerous play parks for children including swings, a water park and a detective trail.

Trübsee Flyer zip line

For more of a thrill at Trübsee, take a ride on the Trübsee Flyer zipline.

Attached to a secure steel cable, you can fly 500-metres on the zipline from the Trübsee Alpine Lodge to the play area beside the lake. 

Rides on the Trübsee Flyer cost CHF 12 per person (8 years and over).

There are minimum and maximum weight requirements and the zipline operates from June to October (1pm to 4.30pm), weather permitting.

Mount Titlis hiking

Whether you head straight for the summit or alight at the Trübsee cable car station, hiking the local trails is popular with sightseers as well as keen walkers. 

There are hikes in the area to suit all levels, and they include the 3-hour Engelberg-Untertrübsee-Trübsee trail, the 4-hour Four Lakes hike and the 2-hour Trübsee to Stand geology trail. 

At the other end of the scale is the 16-hour Alpine Cheese Trail, accessible only during summer.

You can find outlines of all these hikes here. 

Skiing at Mt. Titlis
Skiing is hugely popular at Mt. Titlis during winter.

Mount Titlis winter sports

There are also pistes to suit all levels of skier on Mount Titlis. Between October and May, skiing and snowboarding at a 2,000 metre altitude is available.

Titlis ski options include downhill and cross-country routes with more than 80 kilometres of slopes on offer.

Other winter activities at Mount Titlis include snowshoeing, a 3.5 kilometre long toboggan run and even walking trails suitable for winter. 

Mount Titlis dining

If you think all that mountain air and exertion may make you feel peckish, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are various eateries on Titlis and in Trübsee to choose from. 

Options include the TITLIS Panorama Restaurant, the Trübsee sun terrace, a Movenpick ice cream bar, the Stand ski hut, Lago Torbido serving pizza and pasta, the Trübsee BBQ hut and more – including après-ski drinks at the Chalet.

Can you stay at Mt. Titlis?

If you’d like to spend longer on this beautiful Swiss mountain packed with fun things to do, there are accommodation options in Engelberg, at the foot of the mountain or at Trübsee near the lake. 

Hotel Terrace, Engelberg

The views from the Belle Epoque restaurant are enough of a reason to book into Hotel Terrace. This three star Titlis resort offers free WiFi throughout, plus flatscreen TVs, radio and hairdryer in all rooms.

The 1903 art nouveau style property in Engelberg also offers complimentary parking for guests, so it’s ideal for those who choose to drive to the area.

Access is available from the village via the tunnel-lift system, which is also free of charge and takes just a few minutes. 

> Click here to check current prices and book

Trübsee Alpine Lodge

Overnight guests can stay at the Trübsee Alpine Lodge (pictured) rather than staying in Engelberg. © Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus

Trübsee Alpine Lodge, Trübsee 

Berghotel Trübsee is an alpine-style property close to the lake and cable car station at Trübsee. It can only be accessed via the gondola system, and offers direct access to the slopes on Titlis.

The hotel has a restaurant with a sun terrace, a sauna and a kids’ playroom. Free WiFi is available, and there are a range of room types to suit anyone from a solo traveller to a large family. 

> Click here to check current prices and book

How long should you spend at Mt. Titlis?

Half a day is the minimum amount of time to spend at Mount Titlis. 

A trip of this duration will allow you to take the thrilling rides by gondola to the summit, take the Titlis Cliff Walk, admire the jaw-dropping views and stop for a snack and drink at one of the eateries. 

A full day will allow you to do more – such as hiking around Lake Trübsee, visiting the Glacier Park or enjoying a full meal with panoramic mountain views.

You will also have more time to see both the summit and the Trübsee areas. 

Staying overnight at Trübsee or in Engelberg opens up even more options, and is ideal for those who want to take part in winter sports or go on longer hikes.

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Mt. Titlis weather

So when is the best time to visit Mt. Titlis? During winter it’s very popular with winter sports enthusiasts, while walkers flock here in summer to take to the hiking trails.

If you’re heading here to take in the views, then it’s simply stunning at any time of year.

You can check out a Titlis webcam at any time in advance of your visit to get live images from Mt. Titlis. The official Titlis website provides several, at the Cliff Walk, Stand station and Hotel Terrace.

You can view these here, or check out the Bergfex Titlis webcam

In winter, Mt. Titlis weather temperatures are below zero degrees Celcius both day and night, while between April and October daytime temperatures are usually above zero. 

Even in July – the warmest month – daytime highs at the top of the mountain only occasionally reach double figures, though down in Trübsee 15 or 16 degrees is a typical summer high. 

Panoramic view from Mt Titlis, Switzerland
There are great views to enjoy in every direction.

Practical advice for visiting Mt. Titlis

If you’re planning to visit Mt. Titlis, here are some of our top tips to bear in mind to make sure your trip goes smoothly. 

Check the local webcam and weather forecast

Checking out what the weather’s up to in advance of your visit means being prepared – for the worst if necessary.

As mentioned above in various sections, some activities are closed when there’s bad weather, so if it’s likely to be stormy then it’s best to know about this in advance. 

Dress appropriately

As you can see from checking out the weather section above, the temperature varies during the day and night and between Trübsee and Titlis.

If you’re taking a day trip, you will also need to dress for the weather in Zurich or Lucerne and Engelberg.

Lots of lightweight layers are the best choice for this reason, so you can adjust your clothing as you go. 

Pre-purchase tickets to avoid queuing

Booking your tickets in advance (get yours here) can often save you money and will at least help you avoid wasting time on the day when you have to wait in line.

Some day trip and other tickets can also be cancelled for a full refund, as long as this takes place 24 hours or more before travel. 

Titlis Rotair cable car
A ride on the TITLIS Rotair cable car is a unique experience.

Is Mt. Titlis worth visiting?

Whether you’re a hiker, a skier or simply want to take in those incredible Alpine views, Mount Titlis is well worth visiting.

There is plenty to see and do at the summit, as well as at the Trübsee intermediate station.

From dining with a once-in-a-lifetime view or conquering your fear on Europe’s highest suspension bridge to seeing inside the Glacier Cave, snow tubing or rowing on the lake, there are lots of relaxing and more active pursuits for everyone to enjoy.

Visiting Mount Titlis – FAQs

How do I get from Lucerne to Mt. Titlis?

It’s easy to reach Mount Titlis from Lucerne via Engelberg, from where the cable car will take you up the mountain.

The train trip between Lucerne and Engelberg takes around 45 minutes, then the total gondola travel time to the summit is about 30 minutes more. 

If you’re driving, it should take 35 minutes or longer to reach Engelberg.

How do I get from Zurich to Mt. Titlis?

As Mount Titlis is further from Zurich than from Lucerne, the best option is to take a day tour.

The tour we recommend also includes a tour of Lucerne, which gives you a break during the long trip as well as allowing you to see the sights.

 You can find details of this Mt. Titlis day tour above.

What is the Mount Titlis ticket price?

What you will pay for a Mount Titlis ticket depends on how you’re getting there. Other factors also come into play – Tell Card holders, for example, can travel by train and cable car for free. 

You can find out more above regarding the prices for each sector.

What to do in Mount Titlis?

The only problem when visiting Mount Titlis is fitting it all in.

Not only do you have attractions like the Cliff Walk, Glacier Cave, Ice Flyer and Glacier Park at the summit, but there is also plenty to see and do close to the Trübsee gondola station halfway up, including the lake, a zip line ride and an impressive free adventure experience.

🇨🇭 If you don’t plan to stay on Mt. Titlis or in nearby Engelberg and would prefer to base yourself in Lucerne, read our Lucerne Hotels Guide to find the perfect place to stay. You can also read more about Lucerne in our Lucerne Travel Guide.


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