View over Lake Thun from Thun Castle
Things to Do Interlaken/Jungfrau Region

Rainy day activities for Interlaken and the Jungfrau region

September 16, 2019 Last Updated on April 25, 2024

Most visitors head to Interlaken and the Jungfrau region to enjoy the wonderful scenery and this usually includes a mountain excursion to one of the magnificent surrounding peaks.

Unfortunately, sometimes the weather isn’t good enough to head to the Alps but don’t despair – there’s still lots of fun things to do even if it’s not a great day to head to Jungfraujoch or the Schilthorn.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best rainy day activities for Interlaken and the Jungfrau region.

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Activities to enjoy during wet weather in Interlaken

Thun Castle

Dating back to the end of the 12th century, the whitewashed walls of Thun Castle rise above the town of the same name from its hillside location at the western end of Lake Thun. 

This wonderfully preserved relic from the Middle Ages boasts one of only a handful of medieval Knights’ Halls that still survives to this day, alongside an impressive historical museum covering five floors. 

Its round, corner towers provide unrivalled views of Lake Thun and the surrounding mountains.

Open:  Thun Castle is open every day from February to October plus Christmas, and each Sunday for the rest of the year. 

Admission: An adult ticket costs CHF 10.  Free entry for Swiss Travel Pass holders, reduced entry to holders of Berner Oberland Pass.

Read our comprehensive guide to the Swiss Travel Pass here and the Berner Oberland Pass here.

Spiez Castle

Spiez Castle is situated right on the lakefront of Lake Thun beside an elegant yacht marina, midway between Interlaken and Thun. 

Surrounded by attractive vineyards, the castle offers visitors another fine museum, along with enviable 360-degree panoramas from the main tower. 

Expansive grounds and gardens promise to be colourful throughout the year, no matter what the weather might be doing, while the wine from the neighbouring vineyards can be sampled at the cafe. 

Open: The castle’s ancient stone steps and stuccoed ceilings can be visited until April 30, 2023.

Admission: CHF 12 per adult. Free entry for Swiss Travel Pass holders, reduced entry to holders of Berner Oberland Pass.

St Beatus Caves

The immense caves of St Beatus – named after a semi-mythical 6th-century monk who followed a dragon into its underground lair – have artificially-lit walkways stretching for more than a kilometre beneath ground level. 

The route takes in the phenomenal natural forms of stalactites and stalagmites that have been shaped over thousands of years, alongside underground waterfalls and streams that continue to shape these saintly caves to the present day. 

Open: daily from April until end of October from 9 am to 5 pm. Open only on weekends during Winter.  Tours depart every 45 minutes.

Admission:  CHF 19 per adult / CHF11 per child. (Reduction for Berner Oberland Pass holders)  Additional charge for Museum entrance.

Not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

Read this guide for tips on where to stay in Interlaken.

Aare Gorge

Formed by the Aare River eroding the rock of its bed over thousands of years, the Aare Gorge at Meiringen gouges 200 metres down and runs for close to 1.5 kilometres in length. 

A specially-made path has led through the gorge for more than a hundred years, through 400 metres of tunnel and a kilometre of wooden-laid paths hanging from the gorge walls. 

The full path takes around 40 minutes to complete and is easily accessed by rail from Aareschlucht East and West rail stations.

Open: 1 April to 1 November, 2023

Admission:   CHF 10 per adult / CHF 6.50 per child (6-16 years) / 30% discount for Berner Oberland Pass holders.

Grindelwald Glacier Canyon

A narrow, natural gully created by the now-lost Grindelwald Glacier, the canyon it left behind is today an exciting family-friendly walk, taking in low tunnels and exposed rock galleries as part of a sensory walkway. 

Following the path of the Lütschine River, the walkway is divided into six separate themes of coincidence, formation, geology, water, glacier, and myth. 

The piece de resistance of the whole path has to be the 170 square metre spider web netting that crosses the canyon and lets visitors walk or scramble their way seven metres above the gentle roar of the river.

Open: May – November 20

Admission: CHF 19 per adult (discount applies to Berner Oberland Pass holders)

> Click here to pre-purchase your tickets to Grindelwald Glacier Canyon.

Jungfrau Region Travel Guide

Trümmelbach Falls at Lauterbrunnen

Europe’s largest underground waterfalls, these subterranean wonders tumble their way through the Lauterbrunnen Valley, carrying up to 20,000 litres per second of meltwater from the glaciers of the mighty Jungfrau mountain. 

What makes Trummelbach Falls all the more special is the fact that they can be discovered from inside, with a mix of tunnels, platforms, galleries, and even a lift providing access! 

Open:  Daily from April until November

Admission: CHF 12 for adults / CHF 4 per child (6-15 years) – children under 4 not admitted.

Bernatone Alphornbau

A living workshop, Bernatone Alphornbau is the place to head to watch master artisans create authentic alpine horns – the long horns used to call between high mountain peaks. 

Made from the wood of spruce trees from Switzerland’s nearby Habkern area, this family-run firm does it all – from picking and sawing the best logs in the sawmill to polishing the finished products. 

As well as learning the process of alphorn making, visitors have the chance to rent or even buy their very own horn – the perfect souvenir of any visit to Interlaken and the Jungfrau.

Open: Individuals are welcome to visit the workshop.  More info here.

Alpine cheese dairy tour in Aeschi

Alpine horns aren’t the only traditional goods made in the region. In the town of Aeschi, visitors are able to explore the world of cheese at the Aeschi-Allmend mountain alpine dairy. 

Following the dairy farmers through the entire cheese-making process from start to finish, you’ll even get to sample the result of their (and their cows’) labour. 

Open: The tour takes place Monday to Saturday of June to mid-September

Admission: The tour costs CHF 20 per adult and CHF 8 per child, and visitors are asked to book by 20:30 the night before.

More info here.

Interlaken Funky Chocolate Club

Interlaken’s Funky Chocolate Club is definitely not to be missed by chocolate lovers. 

This chocolate shop with a difference – supporting small-time local artisan makers, and largely Fairtrade and organic, too – also offers a range of workshops. 

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to taste chocolate like a true connoisseur, produce your very own high-end chocolate creations by tempering, or discover the secrets of decorating with chocolate, look no further! 

Open: The chocolate shop is open daily and there are up to four workshops daily. Each runs for 75 minutes.

Admission:  Shop admission free. Workshops cost CHF 69 for adults and CHF 59 for children (3-13 years) which includes as much chocolate as you can eat.

The Kambly Experience at  Trubschachen

Treat yourself to the taste of Switzerland’s most famous biscuits whilst also learning about the 100-year history of the Kambly company.

Watch as the master bakers create their delicious fare and then sample as many biscuits as you like in the Kambly cafe.  There are over 100 different varieties to choose from!

Open: Daily excluding public holidays

Admission: Free

Regional Pass Berner Oberland holders receive 10% off shop purchases. 

Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum

Set amid beautiful mountain scenes, the Swiss Open-Air Museum at Ballenberg is a way of exploring Switzerland’s vast architectural heritage. 

The museum is comprised of more than 100 traditional homes and farm buildings from right across the country that were dismantled and then rebuilt in Ballenberg to preserve them for future generations. 

As a result, the museum offers an insight into the Swiss way of life over centuries, alongside 250 live farm animals. 

Open: from early April to 31 October, 2023 from 10am to 5pm daily.

Admission: CHF 32 per adult / CHF 16 per child. > Click here to buy your tickets.

Free admission for Swiss Travel Pass holders.

Cruise on Lake Thun, Switzerland

Cruises on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

Both lakes Thun and Brienz – the lakes which Interlaken sits between – provide a magnificent floating backdrop from which to enjoy the quintessential Swiss scenery of alpine pasture, historic towns, and snowy mountain-tops. 

Jump aboard one of the elegant lake craft that wind their way for two hours to Thun via Spiez from the docks of Interlaken West, or to the town of Brienz along the entire length of Lake Brienz from Interlaken East. 

Open: Half and full-day cruises operate from April to October. A winter cruise operates on Lake Thun.

Fares: One-hour cruises on Lake Brienz start from CHF 36 per adult. Full-day passes which cover both Lake Thun and Lake Brienz are also available – click here for details.

Cruises are free for holders of Switzerland Travel Pass, Bernese Oberland Pass and Jungfrau Travel Passes.

Heidi’s Photo Chalet

Using state-of-the-art green screen technology, Heidi’s Photo Chalet in Interlaken is a fun-filled photo studio, where family and friends can dress up in authentic Swiss costumes and be captured for eternity in front of majestic Swiss scenes projected onto the green screen. 

Additionally, guests can opt for a package including platters of regional cuisine, such as breads, cheeses, and plenty of schnapps, at a cost of CHF 59 for an unforgettable 90-minute experience.

Open: Daily from June to September, Tuesday to Saturday from October to May.

Click here to check prices

Local museums

The circular, 360-degree painted scene known as Thun-Panorama, is the oldest example in the world, dating back more than 200 years to 1814. 

It is the masterwork of artist Marquard Wocher and stretches 7.5 by 38 metres and can be viewed at Kunstmuseum Thun in Schadau Park.

Admission: CHF 9 per adult / children under 16 free. Free entry for Swiss Travel Pass holders, reduced admission for BO Pass holders.

Open: 1 March to 30 November (closed Mondays)

If that has whet your appetite for history, the Interlaken Tourismuseum boasts three floors dedicated to the development of tourism in the Alps. 

Alternatively, those who enjoy working with their hands won’t want to miss the Swiss Woodcarving Museum in Brienz, while the small Talmuseum in Lauterbrunnen provides the perfect basis for learning more about the traditions of the region.

Wellness centres

As an officially-certified Swiss wellness destination, Interlaken offers a large number of spas and wellness hotels, meaning it’s possible to relax in a sauna with panoramic mountain views, dip into indulgent infinity pools, and enjoy a range of spa therapies, from manicures and pedicures to deep-muscle massages.

Indoor climbing at K44

Whether you’re a beginner or on your way to becoming a pro, K44 Kletterhalle Interlaken is a great rock-climbing destination, even when it’s pouring with rain outside. 

The centre has six different climbing walls to try out, with routes which are altered weekly, so there’s always something new to attempt. 

There’s also a children’s wall, a boulder grotto, and even a tasty on-site bistro should you need to recoup any of those calories you’ve just burnt off.

Open: Every day from 8.30am to 10pm

Admission: CHF 21 per adult / CHF 18 per child (under 16)

If the weather isn’t suitable to head into the mountains and you don’t mind getting a little wet, why not try the following activity ideas?


These high-powered speedboats make for a spectacular, adrenaline-fueled way of experiencing everything that the lakes around Interlaken have to offer. 

Lasting approximately 45 minutes and running daily from mid-April until the middle of September, jet boat tours combine the lake’s magical vistas and the chance to catch sight of the Giessbach Waterfalls with full-throttle antics – including 360-degree spins and high-speed drifts.

> Click here to check prices.

River rafting

Interlaken is more than just tranquil lakes, as you’ll discover if you go river rafting. 

The watershed of some of the Alp’s mightiest peaks, including the Jungfrau and Eiger, makes Interlaken and its surrounds one of the best places in Europe to experience river rafting. 

Here, you can try everything from family-friendly rafting trips on the gentle flow of the Aare River to hard-core class IV rapids.

Seilpark Adventure and Rope Park

Further adrenaline-inducing fun can be had at the Seilpark adventure park, consisting of 120 separate challenges made up of wooden bridges, rope swings, and zip-lines, as visitors pass between the trees of this rope park’s forest location. 

Spread between nine different courses that offer a variety of difficulties and heights – from ground level to summits of 20 metres – all this action comes in at just CHF18 for three hours in the park.

Open: 15 April to 1 November, 2022

Admission: Rope Park – CHF 39 per adult / CHF 29 per child (under 16). Regional Pass Berner Oberland holders receive a 10% discount.

> Click here to buy your ticket online.

Travelling with children? Here are some fun things to do with kids on rainy days in Interlaken.

Fun Parks

The Thun fun park, Funland, is a colourful indoor soft play centre for children up to 11 years of age. 

Alongside plenty of padded giant blocks to climb over, there is a ball pit, tunnel slide, climbing ramp, and 11-metre three-lane slide that’s ideal for racing. 

Adults will be pleased to know there’s WiFi and a bistro to help pass the time as your kids enjoy the freedom of the fun park without fear of injury. 

Open: Daily (check website for opening hours)

Admission:  CHF 14.50 for children aged  from 2 years / CH 5 for children under 2. 

Even closer to Interlaken than Thun Funland is Funpark Speiz, a similar soft play centre.

Open: Daily (check website for opening hours)

Admission: CHF 20 for children aged 1 to 16 years.

Indoor pools

The region is well served by child-friendly indoor pools, such as those at Oberhofen, Unterseen, and Aeschi. 

However, for the added bonus of its incredible views, there’s no better place to slip on your swimming costume than Beatenberg Panoramic Indoor Pool, whose wall of floor-to-ceiling windows include views of the Eiger and Jungfrau. 

What’s more, the 25-metre pool hosts a children’s play afternoon each Wednesday. 

Admission: Entry to the pool costs CHF 5 for children up to the age of 16, and CHF 10.50 for everyone else.

Opening hours change seasonally. Click here for further information.

Jungfrau Park and Mysty Land

Open during the warmer months, Jungfrau Park in Interlaken is an amusement park themed around some of the world’s greatest yet mysterious icons, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Neolithic stone circle of Stonehenge in Southwest Britain. 

The adjoining Mysty Land is a children’s play centre of indoor and outdoor attractions that is open year-round for those aged ten and under. It includes sandpits, go-kart tracks, bouncy castles, and slides.

Open: May to October

Admission: Jungfrau Park – CHF 40 per adult / CHF 22 per child (6-16 years) / Mysty Land – children from 2 years CHF 14.  Berner Oberland Pass holders receive 50% off admission (only 1 discount per client).

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Omega Next Level Minigolf

Bringing minigolf into the 21st century, Omega Next Level Minigolf in Wilderswil is a three-dimensional black-light miniature golf course; each of the 17 holes are decorated with clever lighting and staging to enhance the usual mini golf experience. 

Both golf clubs and golf balls are neon-coloured so they show up magically in the darkened interior, while special glasses boost the three-dimensional effect of the surrounding designs. 

Omega even provides temporary neon skin paints that are sure to get even big kids in the mood.

Open: Daily from 4pm

Admission: CHF 20 per adult / CHF 13 per child (4-16 years) 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do on rainy days in Interlaken and the surrounding area. If fog or rain are stopping you from enjoying a trip to the mountains, these wet weather activities for Interlaken will still give you plenty of enjoyment.

Have fun!

To read our full guide to Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region, > click here.

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