Holidays to Switzerland Travel Podcast Episode 51 Magnificent Mountain excursions from Zermatt
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Episode 51: Magnificent Matterhorn excursions from Zermatt

July 27, 2022 Last Updated on May 14, 2024

With what is probably the world’s most recognisable mountain as its backdrop, it’s not surprising that Zermatt is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations.

The iconic Matterhorn has drawn visitors from far and wide for centuries and it still remains one of the most impressive sights in Europe.  I can still remember my first glimpse of the Matterhorn – it was simply breathtaking – and even on more recent visits to Zermatt, I’m still in awe every time I look up and see the mighty peak.

Whilst there’s hardly a spot in Zermatt where you can’t see the Matterhorn, to get even better views, there are a number of mountain excursions you can take – each offering a different perspective.

We’re going to hear all about those excursions in today’s episode so you can choose the one that appeals the most to you.

First up I’m joined by Catherine Wichmann from Zermatt Bergbahnen (or Zermatt Cable Cars) who is going to tell us about the excursions to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Rothorn.  Then, Gabi Aberle from Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn has all the details for planning an excursion to Gornergrat.

Whichever excursion – or excursions – you choose, you’re in for a real treat.  The panoramic views are incredible so be sure to pack your camera.  If you need the perfect shot, you need Switzerland.

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Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Matterhorn Glacier Paradise – how to get there, things to see and do
  • Rothorn – how to get there, things to see and do
  • Gornergrat – how to get there, things to see and do

Excursions and activities mentioned in this episode

Lake Stellisee at sunrise
Lake Stellisee at sunrise. Photo by Catherine Wichmann.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

The excursion to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, which is located on Kleine Matterhorn, comprises a number of cable car rides from Zermatt via Furi and Trockener Steg. The entire trip takes around 45 minutes.

On the final section between Trockener Steg and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, there are two different gondolas to choose from including the Crystal Ride which has glass floors that allow passengers to look down on the glacier.

Activities and things to do at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise include a viewing platform, the Glacier Palace ice cave, Cinema Lounge, an ice slide for children and a restaurant.

From 2023, visitors will also be able to travel by cable car from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise to Cervinia in Italy when the new AlpineX project is opened.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car ride
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car. Image © Zermatt Bergbahnen AG


Great for hikers and adventure-seekers, Rothorn is also reached via a funicular from Zermatt to Sunnegga and then a cable car via Blauherd. The trip to Rothorn takes around 30 minutes.

At Rothorn, adventure activities including mountain carts and kick bikes are available for rent and there’s a Photo Point which offers great views of the Matterhorn.

The intermediate station, Blauherd, is the starting point for the popular Five Lakes Walk which passes five lakes including Stellisee (see photos).

📍Catherine’s tip is to join a Stellisee Sunrise Experience during the summer months. More info here >


Black nosed sheep at Gornergrat
Black nosed sheep graze on Gornergrat.

Reached by cogwheel train in just 30 minutes, Gornergrat is another fantastic excursion destination.

The viewing platform boasts 360 degree views of mountains and glaciers, the Zooom the Matterhorn exhibition offers an interactive multi-media experience and there are hiking trails and a restaurant.

Gornergrat is also home – during the summer months – to a flock of Black Nosed Sheep who graze on the mountain. You can find the sheep thanks to GPS tracking or follow the themed trail between the Gornergrat and the Riffelberg railway stations.

📍Gabi’s recommended activity is to buy a Gourmet Ticket which includes a starter, 3 course menu and coffee and cake at various stations between Gornergrat and Riffelalp. More info here >

Gornergrat train in front of Matterhorn
Gornergrat train in front of the Matterhorn. Image © Travel Switzerland

Useful Resources

For more specific information about the mountain excursions mentioned in this episode, visit the websites of Zermatt cable cars and Gornergrat.

You can also follow the Instagram accounts of Zermatt cable cars and Gornergrat.

Holidays to Switzerland Resources:

Our detailed guides also provide lots of useful information and practical tips about visiting Zermatt.

To buy tickets or rail passes for your mountain excursion, click the links below:

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>> Gornergrat tickets

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