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9 things to do in Interlaken for adrenaline junkies

March 9, 2020 Last Updated on April 25, 2024

Interlaken is a beautiful holiday town that is located in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region in central Switzerland. The area is surrounded by sparkling rivers, mountains, pistes of exceptional snow, and lush meadows. 

If you are looking for fun activities to do, then this is a perfect town to visit because, as well as being known as the gateway to the mighty Jungfraujoch mountain, Interlaken is also known as the adventure capital of Europe.

With a title like that, there are guaranteed to be plenty of activities that will get your heart racing and leave you breathless. Push yourself and do something that you usually do not do and enjoy the excitement of this region. 

In this guest post by Aurimas of Go Look Explore, we explore some of the best things to do in Interlaken for adrenaline junkies.

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Interlaken is Attractive for Adrenaline Junkies All Year Round

Whether it is autumn (Fall), winter, spring, or summer, there are various activities that you can enjoy in Interlaken. 

For me, the climate of Interlaken during springtime is perfect, and it presents an opportunity for you to enjoy fun activities.

The flowers begin to bloom as the weather warms up, and the hiking trails open again. The temperature in Interlaken usually ranges from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius in spring and this is a great time to visit to avoid the peak summer season.

You should expect some rain during this period but you’re likely to also catch some sunshine.

Now that you’re ready to add Interlaken to your Switzerland itinerary, here are 9 of the best Interlaken adventure activities to experience.

#1- Paragliding

Paragliding Interlaken
Paragliding over beautiful Lake Brienz. Image (C) Interlaken Tourism

Interlaken is a world class paragliding destination so if you are an adrenaline junkie and are seeking something extra fun to do, then paragliding in Interlaken region is the perfect option. 

If it is your first time, then you are bound to have an incredible time enjoying the views and the fantastic ride as you descend. Enjoy the stunning mountain views from the sky, you will get a sensational feeling as you fly high in the clouds looking over the Jungfrau region below. 

When planning your visit to experience paragliding in Interlaken, winter is off limits.  You’ll need to visit between 1 April and 31 October to participate.

Paragliding interlaken prices start from around CHF 150 per person. 

In both instances, a driver will take you from Interlaken to the village of Beatenberg at 1,350 metres. During the ride, you will receive a safety talk that will guide you on how you should handle any case emergency. 

Then it’s just a matter of stepping off the take-off site with your qualified instructor and enjoying the exhilarating feeling as you float back down to Interlaken.

There is an option that the entire trip can be videotaped (for additional cost) so that you can keep the memory of your fun activities.

#2- Skydiving

Interlaken offers many opportunities to try sky diving.

There’s probably no more exhilarating experience than to skydive. Interlaken offers some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Switzerland so this is the place to get your 

You can choose to either jump from a plane or helicopter but one thing is for sure, when you jump out of your aircraft at 4,000 metres your heart is sure to be pumping! 

The free fall usually takes approximately a minute and is not for the faint-hearted. But it’s a minute of your life you’ll never forget.

Transport from Interlaken to the helicopter base is included in your trip price. After a full safety demonstration, you then strap on your parachute in readiness.  A scenic helicopter flight then awaits before you and your tandem master skydiver jump out and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping descent.

Skydiving Interlaken prices start from around CHF 450 per person (for helicopter skydiving).  Here are a few Interlaken Switzerland skydiving options:

#3- Bungy jumping

Interlaken Bungy Jumping at Stockhorn
The Stockhorn Bungy (also called Stockhorn Bungee) will really get your heart racing. Image (C) Interlaken Tourism

Perhaps one of the most exciting things that you can do in Interlaken is to try bungy (or bungee) jumping. 

Interlaken has some of the most beautiful bungee jumping locations in the world and the Stockhorn bungy is no exception. 

After a transfer by road to the Simmental Valley, your Interlaken bungee jump experience starts. First you’ll be weighed and harnessed and then you’ll be transported 134 metres up the Stockhorn in a gondola before the door opens and you take the plunge. 

Leaping and free-falling towards the tranquil mountain lake below is an exceptional feeling. Enjoy the rush of a lifetime before being pulled back into the cable car.

This is definitely one of the most popular outdoor adventure activities in the region.

#4- Rafting

White water rafting Interlaken
Conquer the white water on a rafting adventure. Image (C) Interlaken Tourism

Interlaken is not only nestled between two stunning lakes, it is also surrounded by pristine rivers and that makes it the ideal location to test yourself against the rapids.

Enjoy the thrill as you tackle the raging currents under the expert guidance of your experienced instructor.  Admire the passing scenery as you are swept along the river and learn to conquer the white water.

Prepare to get wet – and prepare to have fun!

Rafting tours include transport from Interlaken and all safety equipment.

Suggested rafting experiences include: 

This activity can also be enjoyed on a day trip from either Zurich or Lucerne:

#5- Canyoning

Test yourself against nature’s elements when you try canyoning.

Like to test yourself whilst immersed in the beauty of Switzerland’s great outdoors? Canyoning is the activity for you.

Combining abseiling, sliding down waterfalls and plunging into icy pools, canyoning is for those who like a challenge.

After being transferred from Interlaken, you’ll be kitted out with all the necessary safety equipment including helmets, wetsuits and ropes, and led by an experienced guide as you then learn to conquer the gorges and waterfalls within the canyon.

Visitors to Interlaken are spoilt for choice when it comes to canyoning as there are numerous gorges nearby that are perfect for this exhilarating activity.

Canyoning is recommended for those who have good swimming skills.

Popular trips include:

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#6- Kayaking

The tranquil waters of Lake Brienz are the perfect location for kayaking.

If you’re not looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush that white water rafting provides when you hit the outdoors, there are still numerous water-based activities for you to enjoy in Interlaken. Kayaking is one such activity.

Nestled between the turquoise lakes of Thun and Brienz, Interlaken is a great base to put your kayaking skills to the test.  Or perhaps to try kayaking for the first time. 

You can glide through the water at your own pace as you watch the fish and other water animals swimming below you. There are also numerous rivers in Switzerland that are ideal for kayaking. 

During evenings and weekends in the summer and spring, kayaking is very popular, particularly on Lake Brienz and with such beautiful cliff faces and the surrounding Alps to admire, it’s not surprising. 

If you’d like to try kayaking, take a look at this 3-hour kayak tour of Lake Brienzclick here to check further details and prices.

You can also experience a winter kayak tour on Lake Brienzclick here to check further details and prices.

#7- Jet boat rides

Jet boating on Lake Brienz near Interlaken
Enjoy the thrills and spills of a jet boat ride from Interlaken. Image (C) Interlaken Tourism

If you fancy getting some speed on the water, then this is the right place to be.Why not enjoy a thrilling 35-minute or 75-minute jet boat ride on beautiful Lake Brienz on the first commercial jet boat in Switzerland? 

Your heart is guaranteed to be racing whilst you are speeding across the blue water.  But don’t forget to look around and enjoy the magnificent landscapes, waterfalls and the surrounding lake.

Hold on tight as your driver performs 360° spins and high-speed drifts on the lake, and learn about the history and culture of the region, too.

Your jet boat ride also includes around 20 photos so you can relive your experience over and over again.

Get further details here:

Jet boating is one of the best rainy day activities in Interlaken as you’re going to get wet no matter what the weather!

#8- Ice climbing

Ice climbing
Learn to scale an ice wall on an ice climbing tour.

When you are in Switzerland, you are not limited to a few fun activities and this region offers plenty to choose from. There are a myriad of Interlaken outdoor activities that you can enjoy during your visit. 

Ice climbing is another of these extreme sports.  Tours are available so that you can experience rappelling deep into a glacier inside the Swiss Alps. Learn how to climb an ice wall using crampons, ropes, and axes under the tuition of your experienced guide.

All the safety equipment you need – including helmets- are supplied on this all-day adventure, and it’s suitable for everyone from 12 years of age.

#9- Canyon Swing

Grindelwald Canyon Swing
The Grindelwald Canyon Swing is not for the faint hearted! Image (C) Jungfrau Region

This one is definitely not for the faint hearted! 

Are you brave enough to step off a 90-metre high platform and let yourself free-fall between canyon walls towards a glacial river below with just a rope attached to you?  And did I mention you’ll be travelling at up to 120 kilometres per hour?

The Grindelwald Canyon Swing declares itself the ‘world’s scariest swing’ and if you’re brave enough to give this a try you’ll definitely be rewarded with a huge adrenaline rush.

The Canyon Swing is one of the most popular things to do near Interlaken for adrenaline junkies.

Tours, including transfers from Interlaken to Grindelwald, are available from mid-April to mid-November.

Where to stay in Interlaken and surrounds


If you like an urban setting, Interlaken offers a good choice of accommodation and services but there are other villages nearby – like Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald – that offer a serene environment in a rural setting.

Fortunately, the public transport options in the region are excellent so you will have an easy time moving from one place to another. You can base yourself in a scenic setting right at the base of the Jungfrau mountain range but still be less than 30 minutes by train from Interlaken.

The beautiful Alps surround the area, and with all kinds of accommodation to choose from, wherever you decide to stay you’ll be close to all the action.  Browse Interlaken accommodation here.

The best thing about Interlaken and the surrounding region is that there are more fun activities to do than in any other place in Switzerland. You can choose a downtown hotel or a rustic lodge to base yourself and enjoy all the adventure activities on offer.

As you can see, there are plenty of outdoor adventure activities for adrenaline junkies to enjoy in Interlaken. Whether you would like to try sky diving, ice climbing, jetboating or paragliding, Interlaken is the place to be!

To read our full guide to Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region, > click here.

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