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Episode 48: Choose your own adventure with Outdoor Switzerland

June 15, 2022 Last Updated on March 19, 2024

I’m fortunate to have visited the beautiful Jungfrau Region of Switzerland many times – it keeps calling me back time and time again – and it’s a region that offers something for everyone.

Of course there are numerous mountain excursions to enjoy – Jungfraujoch and the Schilthorn are two well-known mountains that can be visited – but there’s also an abundance of other natural attractions that make this part of Switzerland so appealing.

With gorges, glaciers, rivers and lakes to be explored, it’s no wonder that the Jungfrau Region is one of the most-visited destinations in Switzerland.

But there’s another reason that many folks head for this part of the country – and that is the huge variety of outdoor sports on offer. 

Interlaken, the region’s main town, is known as the adventure capital of Europe, and it attracts adrenaline junkies who come for the chance to try paragliding, skydiving, bungy jumping and many other outdoor activities

In today’s episode I’m joined by Hannah Robley from Outdoor, an Interlaken-based company that offers a vast selection of outdoor activities to visitors in the stunning natural environment. 

If you need a natural trophy, you need Switzerland.

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Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Hannah’s story and how she (an American) came to be living and working in Interlaken
  • Who and what is Outdoor Switzerland
  • The huge range of adventure activities offered by Outdoor CH
  • The safety measures undertaken by Outdoor CH
  • Hannah’s tips for nervous participants
  • Memorable moments at Outdoor Switzerland
  • Hannah’s favourite adventure activity
Climbers on the Via Ferrata above the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland
The Via Ferrata is high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley. © Outdoor CH

Adventure activities offered by Outdoor Switzerland mentioned in this episode

Paragliding – Together with your licensed tandem pilot, launch yourself off a hillside above Interlaken. After gliding through the air for around 15 minutes, you’ll land gently in Interlaken. Get full details > here.

Skydiving – Enjoy the added bonus of amazing views over the Swiss Alps as your aircraft or helicopter reaches altitude. Then, together with your tandem pilot, you jump from the aircraft and free fall for 45 seconds before a 5 minute scenic parachute flight back to Interlaken.

Bungy Jumping – Attached by the ankle to a nylon-cased rubber band, launch yourself head first from one of the most scenic and unique bungy (or bungee) jumping sites in the world – the Stockhorn cable car. Launch yourself from 134 metres and enjoy the views over Lake Stockensee before being winched back into the cable car. Get full details > here.

Canyon swing – Similar to bungy jumping, participants taking the Grindelwald Canyon Swing are affixed to a rubber rope and swing between the walls of the Grindelwald Glacier Gorge. Get full details > here.

Tandem skydiving in Switzerland
Tandem skydiving. © Outdoor CH
A woman bungy jumping from the Stockhorn in Switzerland
Stockhorn Bungy. © Outdoor CH

Canyoning – Using a variety of techniques including walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping and swimming, canyoning involves navigating down a fast flowing river. Outdoor CH offer canyoning activities to suit everyone. There are canyoning trips for beginners, intermediate and experienced participants.

Rafting – Hop aboard an inflatable raft and grab your oars to help your fellow rafters navigate the fast-flowing rapids of either the River Simme or the River Lütschine. Family rafting trips are also available.

Jet boating – Enjoy a scenic and heart-stopping jet boat trip on Lake Brienz where your driver will perform a series of 360° turns providing a thrill for all participants. More info > here.

Kayaking – Spend a half-day or evening taking in the scenic surrounds of Lake Brienz on a kayaking trip. Kayaking trips are suitable for all levels and all equipment is provided. More info > here.

A group of people in a jet boat on Lake Brienz, Switzerland
Jet boating on Lake Brienz. © Outdoor CH
Four people canyoning at Chli Schliere in Switzerland
Canyoning at Chli Schliere. © Outdoor CH

Via Ferrata – Under the guidance of an experienced guide, navigate your way along the steep walls of the Lauterbrunnen Valley via a series of steel steps attached to the cliff walls, zip lines, ladders and a suspension bridge – all 400 metres above the valley floor! This activity is not for those who don’t have a head for heights. More info > here.

Rope Park – Featuring nine different rope courses with Tarzan swings and rope bridges, the Interlaken Rope Park is suitable for young and old. There are courses ideal for both beginners and those seeking a more adrenaline-filled activity. Get full details > here.

Skiing – Outdoor CH offer a wide range of ski activities. Whether you are a beginner who would like to take a ski lesson or an experienced skier looking to join a ski tour, there are plenty of options to suit.

Ice climbing – From beginner’s and taster courses to private ice climbing experiences, those looking to test their skills against the elements are well catered for.

Grindelwald Glacier Canyon – Perfect for a family activity, the canyon features a sensory walk through tunnels and rock galleries. The 1-kilometre long walk is also suitable for strollers/push chairs and wheelchairs.

Visit the Outdoor CH website for details on all adventure activities on offer.

Children playing in the rope park at Interlaken, Switzerland
Interlaken Rope Park. © Outdoor CH
A man on the Grindelwald Canyon Swing jumping into a gorge.
Grindelwald Canyon Swing. © Outdoor CH

If you do book one of the Outdoor trips, make sure you let me know by sending an email to or tagging @holidays2switzerland on social media.  I’d love to see which activity you choose.

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